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Chamisa's CCC feeding Diaspora with lies

01 Oct 2022 at 06:10hrs | Views
The Diaspora recently was fed a glut of fake news on the situation in Zimbabwe.

As the CCC and few others calling themselves human rights activists tear the name of the country, portraying a picture of bonded Zimbabwe, regional leaders went to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly ferociously and boldly demanding the removal of sanctions.

We looked with shame when some of our own in the diaspora were trying to justify sanctions.

It was more of a tragedy when a CCC team led by Gift Ostallos Siziba and Daniel Molokeli and few others masquerading as the representatives of the Zimbabwean people and begged for more suffering of the Zimbabwean people.

Zimbabwe needs to think about that tragedy — and to reflect upon the deeper questions it raises for us all.

The biggest problem was that to the Diaspora, the news was seriously cooked and highly false.

The Diaspora normally relies on relatives back home to give the correct information and the truth.

There is trust which comes naturally, but unfortunately in the US we received fake news from CCC.

Fake news which is used to pile more misery on our people through sanctions.

Anti-government groups are part of the anti-democratic movement. They traffic in conspiracy theories propagating lies that an illegitimate government is running Zimbabwe.

We need to investigate the origins of this mental disorders in our country which has gripped those who wish bad for their own country.

Are we, as a country, failing to put in place measures to prevent or contain such disasters in the future? Can we not have the law to stop these misfits to fly out of the country for the purposes of demonising our country?

Does the police still have its full authority to investigate these anti Zimbabwean activists in accordance with their standing instructions, and continue to search for evidence of conspiracy or complacency?

The comforting point is that there is a current decrease in organized anti-government demonstrators abroad.

This is reflective of a lack of broad support of these activities by most Zimbabweans abroad.

Since 2017, the conspiratorial and permanently dubious view of government has been pervasive. Ignorance is a correctable state, and especially likely to be corrected if the person is able to admit that they are ignorant on a particular topic.

What we in diaspora find offensive and ridiculous to the point of laughter (at the same time) are those who presume that they know it all even as their statements prove beyond doubt that they are ignorant of the reality.

People sometimes march against Zimbabwe in the USA because of their ignorance of the developments in Zimbabwe.

Their motivations for supporting the demonisation of Zimbabwe are quite perverse and in their focus on destroying Zimbabwe internationally there is expressions of jingoistic aggression.

What the CCC and its misguided followers in diaspora did in the USA was a crime.

That is a crime and crime must be dealt with swiftly and certainly in accordance with the law.

Innocent people, civilians, will suffer more from the sanctions, yet CCC has the temerity to fly a team to demonise Zimbabwe.

The criminals who committed these acts of violence against the people deserve to be punished — and they must be punished.

Explanations may be offered, but nothing can excuse what they have done.

There will be attempts to interpret the events of the past few days.

Our Government must respond effectively, quickly and appropriately to conditions of disorder and violence.

Those charged with the responsibility of law enforcement should, and must, be respected by all of our people.

The pathetic anti-Zimbabwe demonstrators in US were calling for release of a serial offender Job Sikhala who caused mayhem and violence.

The violence must be stopped, quickly, finally and permanently.

We seek peace that is based on one man's respect for another man — and upon mutual respect for law.

We seek a public order that is built on steady progress in meeting the needs of all of our people. Our country needs us to maintain peace.

The lies received in the Diaspora made Zimbabwe look bad.

CCC was telling the world that Zimbabwe is not free and needs sanctions to help remove the government. This is a lie which brings tension and put Zimbabwe in bad light.

We should attack these conditions not because we are scared of conflict, but because we are fired by conscience.

We can not allow our own people to destroy the only country we can call ours.

There are some who feel that Zimbabwe cannot afford a model Government.

There are some who feel that Zimbabwe cannot afford a peaceful labour relations action, a peaceful demonstration.

Theirs is a strange thinking which must be coming out of a comic book.

Zimbabwe is generally peaceful. We have ways of presenting our disquiet in a civil manner and we should be counting the assets that these measures can bring to Zimbabwe.

We have a country richer in opportunity; full of promise; people of order, progress and happiness. Instead, some are sowing the seeds of bitterness.

This is not a time for angry reaction. It is a time for action, starting with legislative action to improve the standard of living in our country.

The Diaspora prays for honest, frank and truthful reporting. The pains of grieving over a lie are bigger than the lie itself.

And to those who are tempted by violence, please think again. Who is really the loser when violence erupts and our people groan under the weight of sanctions.

- If you choose to tear down what other hands have built, your fate is given:
- You will not succeed;
- You will suffer most from your own crimes;

You will learn that there are no victors in the aftermath of violence.

The one who posts falsehoods is an accomplice to what he lies about.

This the time Zimbabwe must fast track the Patriotic Act.

The Patriot Act must become a symbol of the massive expansion of government surveillance and protecting of its territory home and aware.

Parliament must expedite the Act for the purpose of uniting and strengthening Zimbabwe by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism.

The apostles of evil against Zimbabwe with their ugly drumbeat of hatred, must know that they are now heading for ruin and disaster.

And every man who really wants progress, justice or equality must stand against them and their miserable virus of hate which they made viral through social media and demonstrating against their country while in foreign land.

The Diaspora is horrified by those voices inciting violence, causing fear and panic making Zimbabweans.

Fellow citizens, let us go about our work peacefully.

Let there be no bonus or reward or salutes for those who have inflicted that suffering on our country.

Those journalists who are instrumental in inciting violence must be overtaken by shame.

Violence will never change anything. Do not peddle lies to your relatives abroad. Just say what you know. No need to write your wishes. The actions of the CC makes it urgent to have the Patriotic Act.

The reason Zimbabwe needs a Patriotic Act as a matter of urgency is not only to produce a responsible citizenry, but to discard disloyalty, incessant and brazen interference by foreign governments colluding with their local sellouts whose despicable treachery has been destabilising the country over the past years and they continue doing the same now.

Zimbabwe will not be the first country to use such a law which is designed to protect the country's interests and its citizens' well-being and security.

Zimbabwe has been abused for far too long at the instigation of hostile foreign governments, mainly from the West, with the help of their local partners and the time has come for Zimbabwe to assert its authority on her sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It is not surprising that the Western-founded and funded organisations, entities and individuals have been driving the regime change agenda through calling for imposition of illegal economic sanctions, tarnishing the country's good name and engaging in various acts of sabotage.

The CCC is funded by the US and most of their supporting groups are in the opposition and the so-called ‘civil society'.

The mission by CCC in the US failed dismally.

Source - The Herald
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