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Respect former ZANU PF leaders on political sabbatical

24 Oct 2022 at 19:01hrs | Views
Walter Mzembi is a renowned thinker, innovator and all-round nice guy who would add value to any political or corporate organization.

It comes as no surprise that some within the ruling party are eager to associate themselves with Walter Mzembi while outsiders are also eager beavers trying to lure Mzembi to their side.

This comes as no surprise as the young turk was groomed by the esteemed Edson Zvobgo an indelible figure in Zimbabwe's political history.

Mzembi however had put it on record that he has taken a sabbatical from political affairs and opted to become a private citizen who is entitled to comment and contribute to national, regional and international discourse like any other individual who enjoys the right to self-expression.

Mzembi accepted his fate when ZANU PF made a decision against him.
 Posting on his Twitter handle in 2017 Mzembi said, "Expulsion is an administrative exercise in pursuit of reasserting discipline in the party, my heart and soul remains embedded in the ideals, principles and ideological construct of Zanu PF, and I will serve its interests in other roles, most of all as a private citizen going forward into the future."

Mzembi was expelled from the ruling party in November 2017 and subsequently fired from Parliament.

Mzembi chose to remain loyal to the ideology of Unity, Peace and Development upon which ZANU PF is anchored though some say the present-day ZANU PF has deviated from its cornerstones.

He made it clear that he is loyal to the ideology and values of the party which are and should be understood clearly to be Unity , Peace and Development.

Any self-respecting and progressive citizen would wish unity , peace and development upon their country and country men, the region and the world at large.

Unity, peace and developing are what people in Ukraine are wishing for and striving towards and therefore it is an act of sanity, principle and intelligence to wish for and support unity, peace and development.

One mischievous element going by the monicker Elijah Chihota on Twitter tried to malign Walter Mzembi and drag him into the political arena against his will by saying, "People like @Hon_Kasukuwere and @waltermzembi want to come back to ZANU PF, but what is holding them back is their pride. Every day they tweet about ZANU PF. It's cold out there and there are no business opportunities for them."

Chihota made this comment in light of an address by incumbent ZANU PF Spokesperson who had urged Saviour Kasukuwere to admit his error and rejoin the party.

Kasukuwere has been touted as a potential leader of a third way an alternative to both ZANU PF and the Nelson Chamisa led CCC.

Mzembi has not changed his position on his political sabbatical and still remains a private citizen playing in the corporate field.

This has irked his foes who want to taint Mzembi and align him with politics against his will.

Mzembi refused to be dragged into the political arena and stated unequivocally that he is still on a political sabbatical. Mzembi is not the first to go on political sabbatical; former Education minister Fay Chung turned her back on politics to utilize her talents elsewhere, Nkosana Moyo turned down a ministerial post for the corporate space among a few others.

As a Socio Political Analyst I am forced to ask why someone or some people would go to such great lengths to lure Mzembi back into the political space?

Is it because of his mind and brilliance or do they want to know who is aligned to if anyone?

Why is Mzembi still a topic of political discussion when he made it clear that he is going on a political sabbatical?

He distanced himself from politics to concentrate on other areas where his talent and skillset can be utilized for the good of the region and the globe at large.

Why is it hard for political players to understand and respect the wishes of an individual when they announce a leave of absence from politics? Could it be that Masvingo South misses their super legislator or could it be that some mischievous elements are trying to earn their buck by barking the tree that is Mzembi?

Election season is known for all kinds of mischief and propaganda and it is not surprising that an innocent Walter Mzembi is now victim to the mischief and counter intelligence plays in the political arena.

We do miss Mzembi in the political space, we do miss his candid expression, wit and humor but we do need to respect his choice to remain on a political sabbatical.

I sincerely hope that Walter Mzembi keeps a calm head and focuses on his new found path for the growth and development of the region, the continent and the world at large.

Political analysts, commentators and the intelligence community should back off and allow Mzembi to utilize his talents elsewhere without distractions.

Nicholas Ncube
Political Analyst

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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