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PEOM: When one you thought was your kin and kith adds salt

30 Oct 2022 at 09:09hrs | Views
Would we be talking of this drama if there was real devolution?  
Call it devolution, call it decentralization, it's a deadly drought
In Zim because of centralization and control freaks in Harare!    
I hear the Nkala syndrome reared its ugly head in Plumtree,
I hear there is a revival of a big betraying bootlicking contest
That can really rile, chock and shock any decent observer,
People, who bags in the Big Bootlicking Prize of the Year?     

It's no secret that communities are starved of sources
Of livelihoods since companies were cruelly crushed down,  
It's no joke that the youth are hungry for job opportunities,  
Since the butted economy has been wasting away in the ICU
For more than a few years now, yet sleaze has been flourishing,
This is the status quo, this too is the basic education no educated
And principled minister of education should be educated on.

It's dishonest, disparaging, discordant and disconcerting
Of a so-called minister of education who feasts and lives
In Bambazonke to seek to miseducate and pollute souls
With lousy lies: that a certain people migrate to South Africa
Before reaching secondary school level, without attributing
The reason behind such a scenario and without explaining
The current joblessness of those who go beyond that phase.

I hear the Nkala malady unveiled its madness in Plumtree,
Well, what pushes the youth to migrate to South Africa?
Why do people not just live and feast in Bambazonke without
Poking fun on those who don't enjoy the same privileges?  
Is that too much to ask? Why add salt to a people's wounds?
Is such deceitful and discourteous behavior in sync with the
 Provision and promotion of quality, holistic and relevant education?  

Now to a person of repute, let me end this piece on a positive note,
This African soccer maestro has won several accolades and awards:
The Goal of the Year in Germany in 1993, and would you believe it?....
Nigerian Footballer of the Year in 1995, 1997, 2000…I'm not done…
I'm still counting… 2002, 2003, 2004….let's take a breather… and 2005!!  
FIFA World Cup All-Star Team in 1998; 2003 and 2004, BBC African
Footballer of the Year; April 2003, BBC Goal of the Month, come November

2003, he was crowned the Player of the Month, and as if all that enormity
Wasn't enough, 2004, African Cup of Nations Top Scorer, African Cup of
Nations Best Player, then again in 2004 and 2005, Bolton Wanderers Player
Of the Year, IFFHS All-Time Africa Men's Dream Team…do you know him now?
That's none other than the living legend, Augustine Azuka "Jay-Jay Okocha!
In his words, "We used to play with anything, and whenever we managed to get
Hold of a ball, that was a bonus, it was amazing!" Indeed, he's a soccer marvel!

Source - Ndaba Sibanda
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