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Another ploy of rewriting history by the Zanu-PF regime

30 Oct 2022 at 11:13hrs | Views
Greetings to all! 


As I convey my greetings to you all, I would like to remind you that last year (2021), my book titled, The Trials and Tribulations of a ZIPRA Soldier, was published by LANGAA (Langaa Research & Publishing Common Initiative Group) based in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. For those who have had the opportunity to read this book, they will by now appreciate the unparalleled determination, courage and heroism that was displayed by young revolutionary cadres under the banner of ZIPRA, a military wing of ZAPU, in pursuit for liberation, but which turned out to be a nightmare, mayhem and genocide under the ZANU-PF regime of Zimbabwe.

For those who have not had the opportunity to read this book, please by all means try and get hold of it as you are missing out on the insights of why you should never ever again, under any contrived reasons and circumstances become a part of a populist movement that is devoid of any strategic leadership thinking regarding the real tangible goals of liberation and independence. In a nutshell, this book chronicles every step about the disastrous spider web failure of leadership within ZAPU and ZIPRA, at every level in ways that explain vividly why the people of Mthwakazi ended in unimaginable domination, subjugation, humiliation, genocide and continuing ethnic cleansing under the ZANU-PF regime led by Shona hegemony. By reading this book, you will immediately understand the consequences of what it means to be a passenger in a vehicle that is driven by a drunkard at an astonishing fast speed. The result is guaranteed to be death and mayhem.

Pursuant of the same theme, we have today representatives and agents of Shona hegemony and ZANU-PF imperialism masquerading as former ZIPRA cadres. These so-called ZIPRA cadres have been spreading rumours and innuendo with the intention of rewriting and erasing the history of the gallant fighters who sacrificed more than any other fighting force for the liberation of present-day Zimbabwe. Their main charge concerns the correct ACRONYM of the military wing of ZAPU, the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army. These charlatans have been spreading lies saying that the correct ACRONYM is ZPRA and not ZIPRA.

It is important to underline that this distinction is critical and fundamental, and therefore these charlatans must be exposed for who they really are, ZANU-PF agents with a mission to erase, distort and rewrite history. As a matter of fact, they are not different from those within the ZANU- PF regime and Shona hegemony, who have claimed the battles that were fought by ZIPRA forces as theirs. The ZPRA acronym therefore, is not only fake, but a serious violation and distortion of the history, and a criminal offence that is equal to treason. In his book, "The Story of My Life", which he wrote and published in 1984 while in exile in London, England, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Ka Nyogolo Nkomo, as Commander-in-Chief used the correct acronym of ZIPRA, and not ZPRA.

In this book, he refers to the armed wing of ZAPU, as ZIPRA. I would like to refer these shameless charlatans to, for example, Chapter 15, pages 155, 156 and 159, where again, the Commander-in- Chief refers to the armed wing of ZAPU, a party that he led as its President, as ZIPRA. Therefore, as Commander-in-Chief, Dr Nkomo knew better that any anybody else about his army, ZIPRA, which he alone was responsible for disbanding in 1982. It was this reckless and unforgivable disbandment of ZIPRA that enabled the vampire army of the ZANU-PF regime to commit genocide, rape, and various other heinous crimes against the defenceless people of Mthwakazi. These charlatans who are hell-bent on erasing and distorting the history of ZIPRA know very well that this vampire and cowardly ZANU-PF army never dared commit genocide before ZIPRA was disbanded, as the results would have been decisive and different.

There is no way that these fake so-called former "intelligence"commanders of ZAPU's armed wing, can succeed in erasing and rewriting history for as long as we, the vanguard, and former true ZIPRA combatants are still alive. As I have written before when I was addressing former ZIPRA combatants, there is nothing remarkable about these cowards who only rose through the ranks under the ZANU-PF regime where they were awarded ranks such as Major, Captain, Brigadier, Lieutenant, General, and others, by collaborating with the ZANU-PF regime when genocide, rape, and various other despicable crimes were committed against the people of Mthwakazi. How dare, they want to change and dilute our history, when they are the same people who looked the other way and collaborated with the ZANU-PF regime and its Shona hegemony by being awarded with ranks when ZIPRA's real commanders, Generals Lookout Masuku and Dumiso Dabengwa were incarcerated at Chikurubi Prison, and when the Commander-in-Chief, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo was made to flee into exile for dear life.

Why is it not surprising that these charlatans should spend so much time on disinformation campaigns aimed at erasing and rewriting ZIPRA's history? Why are these charlatans doing nothing worthwhile aimed at liberating their own folk? If not, how about, they got involved in just cushioning the impact of the suffering of their next of kin, the people of Mthwakazi? The answer is very simple. They are engaged with efforts to erase, rewrite and discredit the history of ZIPRA to maintain the psychological contract with their master, the ZANU-PF regime. It is this psychological continuity that lies behind the veil of their treachery, both during the liberation war against white settler colonialism of Rhodesia, and their subsequent promotion (as majors, brigadiers, lieutenants, generals, etc.) into a ZANU-PF army that butchered and exterminated the people of Mthwakazi, through genocide, rape and various other despicable atrocities.

Furthermore, they always display an attitude of bravery when seemingly they are so afraid of power, as demonstrated by their failure not only to demand from their ZANU-PF master, the ZIPRA properties that were confiscated under trumped up charges, but also to condemn the continuing ethnic cleansing in all aspects of life in Mthwakazi. Not only do these charlatans lack national self-identity in Mthwakazi, but they also lack it within their psychological contractual citizenship of their country Zimbabwe, by failing at a bare minimum to condemn their master, ZANU-PF, for abusing kindergarten kids as sanctions busting tools. This behaviour by these charlatans is not at all surprising, given the fact that in Mthwakazi, infants were not only butchered and their parents forced to eat the dead flesh of their children, but they were also buried alive, and had their pregnant mothers bayonetted alive by these vampires to kill the babies in their wombs.

As a basic minimum, real former ZIPRA fighters would be engaged in a continuous struggle to liberate the people of Mthwakazi from complete annihilation at the hands of ZANU-PF and its Shona hegemony, and not silly attempts at erasing and distorting ZIPRA's history. The challenge for these shameless charlatans ought to be the survival of the people of Mthwakazi, and not their despicable collaboration with a regime that butchered their people. I challenge them to come out of hiding from their psychological contracts with their master, the ZANU-PF regime, and write their own stories (memoirs, etc.) so that the entire world may learn about their treacherous sell-out roles during the struggle that brought about the birth of present-day Zimbabwe.

As I draw towards a conclusion, I would like to underline that by defending the true history of ZIPRA, I am doing so marching forward with a vision not of Zimbabwe, but of Mthwakazi, a vision any strategic leadership would have chosen, not something that had no place in their history and origins. In conclusion, it is my pleasure to underscore that the correct acronym of ZIPRA can also be found in the recently published book titled, Freedom Shall Never Be Donated, by Mr. Fidelis Mafide Denson Malaba Ncube.

I thank you.

Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe GuduzaPresident of Mthwakazi Liberation Front & Federal Republic of Mthwakazi Acting President

Source - Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza
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