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Only a revolution not the ballot can remove Mnangagwa!

04 Nov 2022 at 18:03hrs | Views
As President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa consolidates his grip on power, and openly creating parallel structures intended to entrench him as Zimbabwe's Führer, can it still be debatable that any talk of removing the reviled dictator through elections is now simply insane and foolish?

Furthermore, the man has gone all out unleashing a reign of terror on known and suspected opposition senior and junior members, including assaulting and arresting MPs, with Job Sikhala being thrown in prison, whist Jasmine Toffa suffering broken limbs at the hands of Mnangagwa's thugs.

The electoral commission is clearly captures, as it goes out of its way in closing the democratic space, witnessed by the ridiculous nomination fees (reaching a staggering US$20,000 for a presidential candidate), access to the voters roll (which itself is questionable and in shambles) costing a shocking US$187,000, and the entire voting process rigged with an uneven playing field.

In the Electoral Court - the ultimate destination for any result challenge - there is the captured, and purposefully installed, Chief Justive Luke Malaba, whose sole role is to endorse Mnangagwa's stolen 'victory', as witnessed in 2018.

How can any sane person expect to win elections held under such undemocratic conditions?

Can a person who knows only violence and rigging be removed through peaceful means?

Mnangagwa knew that in 2008 then President Robert Gabriel Mugabe lost the election by 75% to Movement of Democratic Change's (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirayi, but he refused to conceded defeat - rather lying that he had only lost by less than a percentage.

What hope do we have then, even if we got out and vote en masse in 2023?

Can any serious minded Zimbabwean hope for Mnangagwa to voluntarily relinquish power?

Will Mnangagwa ever concede defeat even if we vote him out by 80%?

Will ZEC even announce and declare an opposition victory - something they dismally failed to do in 2008 and 2018?

I guess not!

There has to be a Plan B.

All Zimbabweans need to be prepared for a struggle - a revolution and unprising of unprecedented proportions!

These people can not be allowed to continue wrecking havoc in our beloved land - they need to go.

The only language they understand is the an uprising - whereby, all Zimbabweans from walks of life, most probably led by disgruntled membera of the security forces - revolt against Mnangagwa and his regime.

Mnangagwa knows no peace - so why should Zimbabweans be peaceful?

He is not after peace. He is after war.

Mnangagwa must go by all means.

He has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Zimbabweans, even during Mugabe's reign, through his brutality.

He has killed thousands more through his misgovernance, which has caused so much poverty, hunger and denied access to affordable health care for the majority.

Millions more have fled the country as a result of his brutality.

Can we withstand this any more?

Can we just sit back and watch whilst this dictator continually unleash his vile on us?


We can not just sit by. We need action. And now is the time.

Let us unite now for a revolution.

Freedom can not just come. It comes at a prize.

● Peace Marangwanda is a UK-based activist

Source - Peace Marangwanda
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