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Africans are to blame for soon-coming Nuclear World War III

05 Nov 2022 at 05:36hrs | Views
When human beings were created, there was a certain field of knowledge which they were not supposed to extrapolate into. Knowledge was supposed to be limited for the good and continuity of this Planet. But, the African man did the unthinkable 100 000 years ago. He created a Whiteman, and the Whiteman outsmarted the African.

Anthropologists state very clearly that the origin of all human races is traced back in Africa.

No one is comfortable to teach the Scientific truth as it is evidenced that a White man was made by an African experimenting on mating with an animal called a Neanderthal.

The crossbreed became the more intelligent one known as a Whiteman today. The African trails behind his own creation who is an intelligent Whiteman. 

The highest danger a Whiteman or Caucasian has invented is the excitation of the uranium nucleus by adding neutrons to its nucleus. The result of that experiment pauses the destruction of this entire World  and no one but the African is to blame. If the African had not mated with a Neanderthal, the Neanderthal would have gotten extinct without leaving its destructive intelligence. 

If you create something which is more intelligent than you and you cannot control it, you risk to be overpowered and abused.

Besides the nuclear, the intelligent crossbreed has gone on to investigate the cosmos entity. The Caucasian has landed on the moon. Now he wants to land on Mars and the African trails behind learning everyday. The Caucasian has figured out the infinite pattern of Galaxies and he is improving the discovery every year.

Even more dangerously, the crossbreed between an African and a Neanderthal is creating his own version of human called a Humanoid Robot. The best of this Robot will be a version which is more intelligent than both a Caucasian and an African. This Humanoid will be able to create its own version of a "Humanoid-Extreme" which will be more intelligent than the African, the Caucasian and the Humanoid.

Once a created version has figured out how to  manipulate its creator, the creator is in trouble. This is why Caucasians make it so difficult for Africans to live in Europe and so easy for Europeans to live in Africa. Anthropologists say Africans discovered  Europe and only found animals there including a Neanderthal.

But today, Africans living in Europe have their children taken away from them using unquestionable treacherous  methodologies by Whiteman. They are overtaxed, overcharged, overworked and poorly paid with all the earnings taken away from them as a form of advanced slavery. Courts do nt work in favour of Africans. European debt collectors are taught broad day light that when collecting debt from poor families, they must concentrate more on the African one because an African has little chance in European Courts of Law. Africans even get their children seized by a creation of lies by rogue Caucasian entrepreneurs.  Seized children are then used to drain money from State coffers while the parent is overtaxed so that he cannot get Court money to get his abducted children.

The Humanoid which the descendants of Neandertals are making, will take the children of Caucasians and Africans and enslave both just as the Europeans are mistreating Africans who created them.

It is also possible that the intelligent descendants of Neandertals will soon exchange spectacular barrages of nuclear bombs in a matter of months from today. The most likely to survive this extinction is the very same African who remains safe in ignorance and unable to purify Uranium. This ignorance might turn to be bliss for the  African as he might continue with life after the total nuclear melting of the entire Northern Hemisphere. Some lengths of knowledge was not meant to be discovered. Ignorance prolongs life while knowing everything could be the shortest route to death which is why Neanderthals didn't want to live.

The remaining African, after an extinctive Nuclear War, must learn then that everything learnt from a Caucasian is not good for this planet. Just as the Neanderthal perished because of his intelligence, so will be his descendants. They will wipe each other out leaving creatures of origin in this planet who only know how to sleep and eat.The  African must reorganise his family structures and through away everything learnt from the synthetic Caucasian. African families have been destroyed by forced adoption of Neanderthal extinction culture.   

Neandertals got extinct because they could not manage a family. How then can an African learn a single lesson from Neanderthal genes? Instead of teaching Neanderthal descendants, the African is giving himself up to learning from someone they should be teaching. 

After the soon-coming Nuclear War which is inevitable in Neanderthal lands, the remaining Africans should cleanse themselves from ever again giving a Neanderthal any room to teach any lesson to any African.

The Africans must read Neanderthal Science-books which state clearly that a Whiteman did not come from creation. It is the Blackman who was created but the Blackman went on to do the unthinkable to produce an intelligent Whiteman who is a danger to continuity.

The African unwittingly made a Caucasian or Whiteman in the same way the Caucasian is making Humanoids who will make their own human version which will be un-understood  by both Caucasian and African.

It is dangerous to create something that is more intelligent than what you are because you could be outsmarted in your own game.

Africans are to blame, therefore, for Nuclear World War III extinction because they made the Caucasian who is making these weapons.

Science does not mince its words there, it says that ever since researchers sequenced the first full genome of Neandertals in 2010, they have known that the ancestors of European Neandertals interbred with modern humans. By comparing the Neandertal genome with that of modern humans, they found a curious pattern: Present-day Europeans and Asians have inherited about 1% to 3% of their DNA from Neandertals, but Africans have not. This suggested that encounters between modern humans and Neandertals were rare and happened in the Middle East or the Arabian Peninsula after modern humans swept out of Africa, but before they spread widely. When moderns did expand all over Eurasia, they carried that Neandertal DNA in their cells. The African discovery Europe, Science is proving, but the African is enslaved by his own intelligent interbrid.

I suspect Extreme-Humanoids will export Africans, Caucasians and Humanoids to the Mars and bannish them from Earth just as the African is banished from living freely in his own discovered Europe.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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