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Jacob Mudenda fights in CCC's Jasmine Toffa's corner?

06 Nov 2022 at 11:54hrs | Views
As a political analyst I enjoy following debate and discussions in Parliament. I was perplexed by the events in Parliament last week when the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda exercised his authority to stand with CCC legislator Jasmine Toffa against his own party member Kazembe Kazembe who doubles as Minister Home Affairs.

Mudenda caused a stir in Parliament after he demanded that Kazembe issue a statement on political violence after he recently went against party lines and protocol and urged MPs to change electoral laws to accommodate diaspora vote and now he is demanding answers from the Minister of Home Affairs in support of Jasmine Toffa who was allegedly attacked and wounded in political clashes that occurred in Matebeleland South.

Mudenda has not said anything on the incarceration of MPs Job Sikhala and Sithole but he had the energy to go after Kazembe for and on behalf of Jasmine Toffa.

This is the first time that Mudenda has demanded a ministerial statement which raised eyebrows and got people questioning why Jacob Mudenda took that stance for CCC legislator Jasmine Toffa.

MPs have always whispered in the corridors of the august house that Jacob Mudenda was biased in favour of Jasmine Toffa and Harare West MP Joana Mamombe who receive extra special treatment from the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mudenda failed to protect the Home Affairs Minister from attacks by CCC MPs choosing to side with Jasmine Toffa.

In response Kazembe said, "The President is on record denouncing political violence. As such the police and I have said that nobody is above the law. The police do not act on social media and drama."

Kazembe's statement caused an angry uproar from CCC MPs who exchanged harsh words with the minister led by party secretary-general Charlton Hwende.

They invited Toffa, whose hand was in a sling, to stand up.

"Social media drama? Honourable Toffa is in the House, she was battered, look at her and she is a woman!" one MP shouted.

But Kazembe laughed at the opposition MPs who were demanding answers.

The Speaker of National Assembly Jacob Mudenda also added pressure on Kazembe demanding that he should issue a ministerial statement on political violence.

"The minister has agreed to bring a detailed ministerial statement explaining everything," Mudenda said.

Why did Mudenda go to such great lengths for Jasmine Toffa? Could the rumours and innuendo be true that there is special treatment of Toffa from Mudenda?

Source - Regis Charehwa
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