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Another 'moment of madness' brewing in ZImbabwe

14 Nov 2022 at 05:15hrs | Views
THE timing of a 45-day blitz to flush out illegal settlers announced by Harare Metropolitan Province on Thursday demonstrates the deep administrative lapses that continue to haunt Zimbabwe.

The first such blitz, carried out in the midst of winter in 2005, left over 3 000 people homeless.

They had to brave sharp blades of the cold winds that hit Zimbabwe that year, sleeping in the open.

Sporadic demolitions have been carried out since then.

Trigger-happy law enforcers have razed down entire communities, and destroyed expensive houses and infrastructure — basically destroying livelihoods.

In most cases, the majority of the victims would have demonstrated that they acquired the land legally, after following procedures required to acquire properties in Zimbabwe.

But they are made to pay the price of Zimbabwe's chaotic urban planning.

One office would issue a permit, which would be turned down by another office and trigger the destruction that has left emotional scars across communities.

The problems that have been experienced by affected Zimbabweans demonstrates what happens when crucial agencies don't pull in one direction.

Today, they blame land barons for invading prime land and illegally settling people.

But the truth is, very few land barons would dare move into vast swaths of State land and begin pegging residential stands without local authorities knowing.

Assuming that these land barons have amassed so much power that they can parcel out State land and distribute it as they please, why have council officials only acted after structures have shaped up?

This is the worst form of impunity that must not be allowed to flourish.

The role of regulators including councils, should not be to punish, but to give direction to citizens, bring them back to line before they completely veer off-course, and taking remedial action.

But in Zimbabwe's wicked councils, it is the opposite.

This is seen everywhere, from the crackdown on motorists who innocently park their vehicles in some places where there are no prohibition signs to airports and other State properties.

The tragedy is, Zimbabweans have accepted to be abused left, right, and centre without standing up for their rights.

Source - Newsday Zimbabwe
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