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Was operation restore legacy a success?

17 Nov 2022 at 08:54hrs | Views
The November 17 Coup which ushered President Emmerson Mnangagwa code named Operation Restore Legacy looked like an alternative idea but actually violated the Constitution of the country rendering it useless and weak.

This is the day all Zimbabweans from all walks of life and  across the globe celebrated the violent removal of Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

People were enveloped in a blanket of excitement and ecstasy and did not know that they were preparing themselves to enter into a pressure cooker.

Everybody thought Mugabe was a source of all the challenges Zimbabwe was facing but it was not like that. It was a co-operate collective which most Zimbabweans failed to see. The whole system needed to go. The coup was only for Emmerson Mnangagwa,  Constantino  Chiwenga and a few individuals who thought it was their turn to join and queue along to the feeding trough.

It was actually a factional fight between two Zanu PF rival groups, Team Lacoste and G40 turks which compromised of Saviour Kasukuwere , Jonathan Moyo , Walter Mzembi Patrick Zhuwao just to mention a few. They had to seek refugee in different countries in fear of their lives.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a harsh economic environment after Mnangagwa government masquerading as the new republic promised to improve the lives of the majority.

In 2017 prices of basic commodities were cheaper than what they are today where they have doubled with inflation hovering above 268% and constrained by worsening agricultural conditions and price instability.

The coup was not for the people but a clique of greedy individuals who quickly forgot that they had a mandate to govern the country and stop the abuse and theft of resources so that they would benefit everyone.

From the words of the late coup reader S.B Moyo who said Mugabe was very safe and in good condition but they were only targeting criminals surrounding the late President who were causing social , political and economic unrest.

Five years into power the country's economy and challenges are still there amd actually have worsened under the new leadership.

It remains a fact that Zimbabwe is a military state where the army runs the show. Zanu PF is just a shell and a place holder where there is no one who has the spine to challenge the status quo. It has been the army all along ever since 1980 to date.

The military take over was tailor made to benefit a few Zanu-PF apologists. Mnangagwa overthrew Mugabe not because he wanted change for the people but it was driven by the love of power than for the people.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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