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Open letter to ANC; ZANU PF: Leave Biden alone!

28 Dec 2022 at 15:56hrs | Views
I write this letter to the ANC and ZANU PF because they are one and the same thing. I wish to express my disappointment with the ANC, a party which should be the torch bearer for all people aspiring for democracy.  You have betrayed Mandela. How could you call for the lifting of sanctions against ZANU PF regime.  It just goes to show that, like ZANU PF the avenging spirits of those you killed during the so called liberation wars, have made you mad.

ZANU PF has chased away the whites who brought civilisation to our two countries. Tell me, what did black South Africans and Zimbabweans manufacture before Mr Jan Van Riebeck landed at the Cape Coast.  You and your colleagues in ZANU PF are now glorifying primitive native ideas. You talk about African religions. 

What a joke! Did we have bibles and Christmas before 1652? You are also busy changing the names of streets and towns named after the torch bearers who brought civilisation and technology to us.  Salisbury, which was named after the beautiful Salisbury plains of England, you now call Harare, Pretoria which was named after the brave General Prestorious, you now call Tshwane.
 You have even removed the statue of Rhodes who brought Christianity and civilisation to us, and replaced it with Nehanda, who refused to be converted to Christianity and abhorred civilisation.  Our real President Nelson Chamisa tried to drill reason into your heads by referring to the erection of the statu as occultism. He was ignored by the forces of darkness.  What a shame!
You are now busy insulting the British and Americans who are doing God's work of bringing civilisation, democracy and human rights to the world.  Leave Biden alone. He is the champion of democracy. We in CCC fully support him even if some gullible so called liberation movements and African leaders of the same mind set choose to demonise him.

Source - Mischeck Faro Nyamayaro
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