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Fire Minister Kirsty Coventry

29 Jan 2023 at 22:44hrs | Views
I am not sounding like a racist but whoever thought that introducing Kirsty Coventry to take charge of the Ministry of Sport just because she excelled well in winning swimming awards needs their brains examined.

We cannot allow mediocrity to creep into such a crucial post just to please the other community on the guise of inclusivity

The Minister of Sport Kirsty Coventry is just a tortoise on a lamp post.

Sport in this global world is now big business and has the capacity to create thousands of jobs from playing up to marketing. Kirsty has so far proved to have failed to improve the sport as a minister. She had not done anything tangible to show that she has what it takes to build the sport in the country especially the most beautiful game of football besides grabbing farms. She has lost her glory.

Zimbabwe's football is already in its intensive care unit and it was done a big blow by being suspended some time last year by FIFA due to political interferences.

The restructuring committee which was set up by the Sports and Recreational Council released a report, highlighting many concerns which should be attended to, recommending many reforms and a new Zifa constitution but SRC chair Gerald Mlotshwa dismissed it saying that they were "not in a hurry" to get Fifa suspension lifted.

This was inconsiderate and has negatively affected the development of the sport. It had put the players' careers at risk. Chances of Zimbabwean players getting contracts from overseas are now very slim as the local football isn't all that competetive. Young players who are supposed to showcase their skills at international level have been adversely affected.

There is no grassroots sport development policy to talk about in the country. Zimbabwe has abundance of talent but those in charge lack radical approach to the development of the game.

Instead of making progress and making sure that we get the ban lifted our football administrators who are vested with powers to control the game are regressing.

They are not aware of the amount of pain and suffering they are inflicting to the young budding players who want to break through the european clubs and eke out a living.

When a country has non sports people in charge the sport suffers and the end result will be breeding  a young generation which is so much obsessed with abusing drugs and alcohol.

Everything ends up to be political whilst the beautiful game of football is suffering. Football clubs are playing without any sponsorship.

Our stadia are in a sorry state whilst  some now look like potato fields. We cannot even afford to bid for an Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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