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Mnangagwa has failed the youths, through Mutoriro and Kambwa

20 Mar 2023 at 09:11hrs | Views
As far as Zimbabwe is concerned things are not appealing ranging from economic, social to political discourse. The government of Zimbabwe is supposed to start now to lay out robust and effective mechanisms that will drive out the country from the dungeon.

Zimbabwe current economic situation is very detrimental and cancerous hence it needs to be attended as quickly as possible. The cost of living is so high comparing with the incomes of the general citizens. The ruling party who won the elections has the responsibility to work hard in order to change the situation.

It is against the background of the elections that were held IN 2018 which gave the mandate to ZANU PF to rule Zimbabwe.  The election was highly contested. Mnangagwa won with 50.8% of the vote to Chamisa's 44.3%, giving him the majority needed to avoid a runoff. MDC disputed the election, then they filed a court case but unfortunately the court upheld ZANU PF victory.

It is now four years plus after the new government won the elections that are still facing the legitimacy problem.  Zimbabwe biggest opposition party is failing to accept the results of the elections and to let the country to move on. The ball is still in the court of ZANU PF whether to change the current status quo or face the humiliation in the coming 2023 elections. They still have the chance to buttress their electoral support base if they work on some of the seven points that I raised.

Why eradicating unemployment is a necessity?
In a country with high unemployment rate, solving the unemployment glitches becomes a number one priority. Zimbabwe every year is producing an avalanche of graduates who are just loitering around the streets because there are no industries to accommodate them. Thousands of youth are waiting for the jobs that were promised to them by the government. The future of ZANU PF lies in the proffering of jobs to the youth, otherwise ZANU PF may be thrown into the political dust bin. The opposition will definitely use the unemployment level in order to win the hearts of the youth. Aristotle said the youth are easily deceived because they are quick to hope. A high employment rate will exacerbate to a better social fabric and the tax brackets will definitely increase hence helping in revamping our comatose economy. It is a fact that a country which is in a deep-rooted poverty will never grow unless a strong mechanism is implemented to revive the economy.

Corruption must not be taken lightly
When president Mnangagwa resumed power he actually inherited the Mugabe's kleptocracy. There is rampant corruption in the government departments and institutions. The growth of Zimbabwe will be definitely impossible with corrupt individuals in the high offices. Strong institutions that will do away with corruption must be established. These institutions must be governed with high level of professionalism, transparency, accountability, honesty and faithful.  Zimbabweans are waiting to see good cooperate governance. The government is supposed to do away with all forms of corruption. Millions of USD dollars are vanishing every year through corruption.

Rejuvenating the falling agriculture sector
It is high time that the government is supposed to start a drastic land audit which will allow them to identify the large pieces of land lying idle. Historically Zimbabwe used to be known as the "bread basket" of Africa but unfortunately this prestigious title is now the thing of the past.

Zimbabwe has to start to produce its own food and to earn a plethora foreign currency from agriculture sector through the massive production of maize, wheat, tobacco etc. Investing more in the animal husbandry is a must for Zimbabwe given the level of demand of quality meat in the world. Zimbabwe climate condition allows it to produce quality beef.

Why revisiting mining sector?
Zimbabwe is a country that is known with plethora minerals in its basins such as diamond, platinum, coal, nickel, chrome, gold among others. These minerals if managed strategically and efficiently will result in turning the tables. The sun will set in Zimbabwe. The government has to ring fence the security of the mining companies and make the environment conducive for them to operate without predicaments .Good news that the government has already set aside some of the repressive laws in the mining so as to attract  mining companies.

Foreign investment is at the apex of Zimbabwe success
Foreign direct investment has been, is and will remain at the center of Zimbabwe success. The new government is trying to accommodate any form of foreign direct aid from across the world unlike the Mugabe regime which isolated itself from the west and adopted a policy which was popularly known as "look east policy". The government efforts in trying to attract foreign direct investment has always meet some problems for example August and January demonstrations. These demonstrations did harm than good to the image of the current government .It is well known that nothing may attract the investors than peaceful, stable, laws and conducive environment which is favorable for profit making.

Sound and effective bank system
The banking system collapsed some years ago during the time of the hyperinflation. During the height of inflation from 2008 to 2009, it was difficult to measure Zimbabwe's hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filling official inflations statistics. Nevertheless, Zimbabwe's peak monthly inflation was predicted to be 179.6 billion percent. At the present moment the banking system is not as effectively as it should be. There are number of reports that other people sleep outside the bank waiting to get money. More so the future of the bonds and the RTGS is uncertain.

Upgrading our infrastructure
The government must start to invest more in upgrading roads, dams, communication system (telephone, internet and cellphones communication), energy and water supply. The investors are more attracted to invest in a country with a very good infrastructure. Without effective and sound infrastructure Zimbabwe's growth is at the crossroad. The government must start to look for loans in order to develop the infrastructure which is in tattered form at the present moment. The loans for infrastructure will come up with conditions attached to it such as political and economic reforms. The loans are always given to the countries with the potential to pay back.

General Franco is the Co- Founder of Demos Cratos and can be contacted on

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