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'Zanu PF primaries were utter fiasco for ED thx Mafia' said Mliswa. ED's turn to sleep with one eye open

28 Mar 2023 at 11:12hrs | Views
If one, Right Honourable Temba P Mliswa, MP for Norton, is to be believed, then the Gold Mafia is certainly bigger then Zanu PF and they are the ones behind President Mnangagwa's humiliating defeats in on going Zanu PF elections. No less than 30 Mnangagwa loyalists including seating MPs and ministers have lost the Zanu PF parliamentary primary elections.

Zimbabwe has 210 MPs and as a rule of thumb Zanu PF has been giving away 1/3 of the seats or 70 seats to entice the opposition to participate and maintain the façade Zimbabwe is a healthy multi-party democracy. This is important for the party to get political legitimacy.

So, losing 30 seats to a rivalry Zanu PF faction will rob Mnangagwa of the 2/3 majority and if the 30 joined up with the opposition and are joined by 11 more, Mnangagwa faction will lose its majority.
Besides the emergence of a strong Zanu PF faction could divide the presidential vote with faction supporters voting for Zanu PF MP and opposition presidential candidate. This happened in 2008 with operation "Bhora musango!" resulting in Mugabe losing heavily to Tsvangirai in the March 2008 vote, as Mnangagwa will know only too well.

"#BREAKING-The current Zanu PF primary elections have been an utter fiasco of manufactured winners and use of illegal parallel structures. At the centre of the mess is the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) led by Deputy Director of CIO Rtd Brigadier Tapfumaneyi." Announced Mliswa in a string of tweets.

"FAZ has been pushing for former G40 members to be organically voted into the ZANU PF system through these elections. The ultimate output will be a body of MPs and Senators that are anti-ED. There is no transparency in the elections at all.

"Tapfumaneyi previously approached many G40 members to come and join FAZ and some, like Kasukuwere, refused. However, the agenda was not dropped. It has continued and can be seen through the sheer madness that is the current primaries."

Most, if not all, losing candidates in Zimbabwe elections always claim that the elections was rigged and in most cases they will be right too. They will know of cases ranging from vote buying the more serious cases of tampering with the voters' roll, intimidation and violence. Politics in Zimbabwe has become such a dirty game it is little wonder only season thugs play it!

Mary Mliswa, Temba's sister was one of the losers of the primary elections and it is tempting to dismiss Temba's renting as soar grapes but that would be to miss the point. The point being that Zimbabwe politics have become such a dirty and chaotic game in which outsiders, the gold Mafia, are the puppeteers and the Zimbabwean politicians, from both sides of the political divide are the puppets on the string. The puppets limbs and torso are flying in direction in the most vigorous dirty dance routine to the rancorous laugher of the Mafia!  

No Temba Mliswa did not leave Nelson Chamisa out of this. "The reason why Chamisa has remained confident about the 2023 elections is that he is working with FAZ which is run by the CIO. He doesn't need to do much as FAZ is already strategising from within Zanu PF."

"The problems have been a long time coming and I have pointed this out before. FAZ has actually received more money than the actual CIO. It is being taken care of more than the CIO personnel which should be worrisome for those in the system," continued Mliswa.

It really does not matter who is whipping Mnangagwa; is it G40, VP Chiwenga or CCC. What matters is Zimbabwe's politicians are fighting each other like wild cats and it is the Mafia who are bankrolling FAZ, all the Zanu factions and CCC who are benefiting from the chaos and confusion.

Lest some people should forget; in 2016 the late Robert Mugabe fell out with the Diamond Mafia and cancelled their carte balance looting licences and kick the lot out including the Chinese. Before the year was out his wife Grace was talking of how the dictators was living inconstant fear of a coup.

"Baba vanovata rimwe ziso rakasvinura!" (Mugabe is sleeping with one eye open!) Well on 15 November 2017 he must have had the lazy eye open because he, supposedly, filed to see the coup plotters until it was too late to stop them!

The 2017 coup happen soon after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander C Chiwenga's return from China. He was the head of the military coup. The Chinese company got its diamond looting licence back soon thereafter! Historic documents will fill in the gaps and cross the ts.

The only time when the Mafia godfathers were truly worried they might lose their strangle hold on their Zanu PF puppets was during the 2008 to 2013 Government of National Unity (GNU). In his desperate effort to retain political power Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies had certain over played their hand with the blatant cheating and, worse still, the wanton violence that followed.

The Mafiosi heaved a sigh of relief when at the end of the GNU not even one meaningful democratic reform had been implemented. The five years of bribing and pampering the MDC leaders had paid off. The pampering has continued post the GNU to maintain the façade Zimbabwe is a healthy and functioning multi-party democratic country.

The Al Jazeera documentary has not just exposed the extend of the gold looting in Zimbabwe but most important of all the sheer naivety and breath-taking incompetence of the Zanu PF government especially of President Mnangagwa himself. Only a village idiot, not a statesman much less Head of State, would appoint third grade conman like Uebert Angel ambassador-at-large!

Has Zimbabwe's Mafia decided Mnangagwa is damaged goods and are moving in to remove him? Is the humiliating defeat of the Mnangagwa loyalists the first telling blows before the Mafia moving in to deliver the coup de grace?

My primary concern is what we, ordinary Zimbabweans, want? We need to implement the democratic reforms the 2008 to 2013 GNU was tasked to implement a.s.a.p. It is the only sure way to end the curse of rigged elections and bad governance. Make the country's political leaders democratically accountable to the people and we will sever the puppet string the Mafia are using to control our politicians!

"I will be writing a letter to the international community outlining how FAZ is a CIO organisation playing being an NGO. That's why they have been against the real NGOs, because they have their own outfits created to subvert perceived enemies," continued Temba Mliswa in his twitter monologues.
Yes, do that Temba! He is a Mnangagwa loyalists and must be worried sick what will happen to him lot if Mnangagwa is to booted out of State House!

He never imagined that happening until now. He knows the Mafia are after Mnangagwa and they will dispose of him with the same indifference as shown Mugabe if not worse!

Meanwhile, it is election time and the Mafia have their Zimbabwe's puppet politicians, across the political divide, dirty dancing as if their very lives depend on it and, in this winner takes all, it does! It is Mnangagwa's turn to sleep with one eye open!

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