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Mahere conviction unjust

07 Apr 2023 at 10:18hrs | Views
THE country bleeds today because of lack of an independent Judiciary.

Some judgments and sentences being handed to members of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party need to be scrutinised.

The law is being weaponised against members of the opposition.

Time and again, we are experiencing miscarriage of justice.

The conviction of CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere on a non-existing law of communicating a falsehood prejudicial to the State and law enforcement agents is one example.

Mahere allegedly posted that a baby strapped on her mother's back had been struck to death by a police officer who was beating up the mother while enforcing COVID-19 regulations.

This is a deliberate well-crafted and co-ordinated attack on members of the CCC ahead of this year's watershed election.

The regime is now at sixes and sevens, using all manner of intimidatory tactics to silence the voices of reason.

The law, according to law gurus, is deemed unconstitutional, but it has been used to prosecute Mahere.

Her conviction by a Harare magistrate is a travesty of justice.

The abuse of power by this new republic is now going out of hand.

Headmasters and archbishops of oppression have once again connived with the captured Judiciary through weaponisation of the law to gag CCC cadres.

The section from which the law has been plucked is unknown.

It is just being used to intimidate the citizens who are working hard to change the political imbalances in the country.

This political persecution will not work.

This is another diversionary tactic from the Gold Mafia documentary which is exposing massive money laundering, gold smuggling and looting of our precious minerals.

Zimbabweans are patiently waiting for the arrest of the people being mentioned or speaking openly of how they launder money, smuggle gold or assist in such activities.

Surprisingly, the army shot dead six people during the August 1, 2018 post-election protests and not even one was arraigned before a court to answer to a charge of murder.

This country is a mess.

There is something wrong with our country today in as far as dealing with anyone who opposes government.

Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala is languishing in remand prison and has been denied bail several times.

We need to fix this once and for all.

Zimbabwe, under this new dispensation, is moving fast towards destruction.

There is selective application of the law depending on where one stands politically.

If you are coming from the opposition, the probability of being arrested, charged and prosecuted on trumped-up charges is very high.

We should be clear about it, we are seeing a divided nation full of hate.

This new dispensation is pretending as if it is building democracy, but rather destroying it.

No country can live without the opposition.

This is the year to restore the power and dignity of the people of Zimbabwe who have suffered under this ruthless regime for the past 43 years.

Indeed, the future of an independent Judiciary is bright, not this captured and partisan one.

At this juncture, all progressive Zimbabweans must remain resolute, focused and calm as they prepare and cook a heavy menu before the end of August 2023.

Source - newsday
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