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Chamisa to win 2023 Election

21 Jun 2023 at 21:47hrs | Views
Since the 1990s the Zimbabwean political landscape has been shaped by political succession fighting raging within the ruling party. The internal fights have been prolonged and leaving the majority of Zimbabweans at the mess of leaderless without profering any solutions to the country's development.

The arrival of Saviour Kasukuwere into the boxing ring is going to dent Mnangagwa's bid to win this year's election.

As the economy collapses with prices of basic commodities skyrocketing and hitting the ceiling. One does not need a rocket scientist to tell us that Zanu PF government has failed and does not have the capacity to take Zimbabwe out of this economic quagmire.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa will surely bring the much needed change which a lot of people are crying for.

People are now tired of the rhetoric from Zanu PF old stories of having people at heart yet on the other side are busy looting the country's resources and sharing the loot amongst themselves.

The Zimbabwean current leadership has now become an elite society taking care of its own needs and forgetting the suffering majority.

We need to get off the hook of the chains of the current ZANU PF black colonialists, who have caused untold suffering of the ordinary people.

A lot of Zimbabweans especially professionals have now fled the country seeking for greener pastures and doing menial jobs in other countries like South Africa, United Kingdom, America just to mention a few where they are hustling for a living. Zanu PF government has been a catalyst of brain drain.

Chamisa is building an empire which everyone will cherish and enjoy. It is now on public domain that he is the best foot forward with ideas of development and taking Zimbabwe to greater heights.

In a free and fair election Nelson Chamisa will beat Emmerson Mnangagwa all systems out. He is a very young man with the political gravitas which Mnangagwa lacks. However the military remains the main obstacle for Chamisa's ascendancy to power.

The country's economic challenges are a result of the decades-long unresolved political crisis caused by the ruling party which kept on sweeping some problems under the carpet.

The biggest political story around the Zimbabwe's elections is how the opposition led by Nelson managed to resurrect after the onslaught by the ZANU PF government using its surrogate political party MDC-T now led by fading Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora.

After the Supreme Court ruling and the state assisted takeover, a few expected Nelson Chamisa to rise and challenge Mnangagwa led  ZANU PF.

There is nothing wrong to change a sitting government as long as it is done constitutionally, peacefully and and democratically.

Politicians are like diapers and must be changed. They come and go but Zimbabwe will remain.

Emmerson Mnangagwa's parrallel structures dubbed for ED will surely bite the dust. Mnangagwa knows that Kasukuwere's entry into the political bout will nicely parks him at 15% where  Kasukuwere will eat a little bit into his territory.

Our country's  economy has been stagnant for quite long. It is now time to rebuild it and pick up the pieces. Zanu PF regime has single handedly destroyed the political and economic discourse of this once vibrant nation rendering it a laughing stock to most of the countries.

The current regime is pretending to be rebuilding the country when in actual fact there is a cabal which is mortgaging the country to the highest bidder. The country is being milked day and night under the disguise of busting sanctions. This 2023 election should be a decider. Allow Nelson Chamisa to take over.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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