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The untold anguish Mnangagwa has caused Zimbabweans!

16 Jul 2023 at 08:59hrs | Views
I have seen my fair share of adults being driven to tears due to the unbearable suffering brought upon them by the Zimbabwe government.

I would rather quickly forget some of these incidents, on account of their harrowing and traumatizing nature.

However, it is never easy.

Surely, how can I forget watching my own mother weep, like a child, after all her life savings, insurance policies and other investments were wiped out and rendered worthless?

This was as a result of the insane and corruption-inspired economic mismanagement of the ZANU PF regime in the early 2000s - which was marked by incredible record-breaking hyperinflation, reaching the quintillions.

In spite of working hard since 1964, as a registered nurse, my mother was reduced into destitution practically overnight - without a cent to her name.

I thought that such disturbing scenes would never visit me ever again in my life.

Nonetheless, I was wrong.

Yesterday afternoon, I was interviewed, at length, by a major Russian independent media organization on the state of affairs in Zimbabwe.

We focused on corruption and the looting of our national resources, gross mismanagement of our economy, and how that had resulted in the unimaginable poverty and suffering afflicting the vast majority of ordinary Zimbabweans.

In the interview, I also mentioned how millions had fled the country - for such countries as neighboring South Africa and overseas to the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and others.

In most cases, these Zimbabweans - who were highly educated and skilled - were reduced, out of sheer desperation, to settling for menial jobs, for which they were obviously over-qualified.

As fate would have it, soon after the interview ended, in came a phone call from a clearly distraught man.

There was no denying the hopelessness and despair in his words and voice.

He had had enough of the unimaginable poverty and suffering in Zimbabwe - whose end was nowhere in sight.

In spite of him being a highly-learned individual, boasting a good profession - he, nevertheless, was failing to make ends meet - due to a paltry salary amidst the ever-escalating cost of living.

He opened up to me of his resolution to undergo nurse aide training so that he could leave the country for the UK in the hope of securing employment in a care home.

This was when my heart sank!

Honestly speaking, I could not tell exactly how I was feeling - whether it was pity for the man, or anger at the ruling establishment in Zimbabwe for ruining this man's life, or sorrow at how the country was losing such gifted people.

Maybe it was all of these mixed together into one undefined feeling.

How ironic it was that these were the things I had been talking about to the Russian journalist, just moments earlier!

It was as if there was an unseen force trying to vindicate and validate everything I had said about the dire deplorable situation in Zimbabwe as the indisputable and uncontested truth.

Is there no limit to the depths those in power in Zimbabwe are willing to sink?

Why do they appear totally unconcerned that their heartless destruction of our once prosperous country was leading to such misery and hopelessness amongst the weary population?

Whilst the ruling elite enjoy a life of opulence and plenty - without a care in the world - do they ever feel even an iota of shame that millions of Zimbabweans are languishing in poverty?

Do they not care that whilst President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa procures a US$54 million presidential jet - most families can not even afford three square meals a day?

How do they go to sleep knowing fully well that - as they splurge US$340 million on practically useless and grossly overpriced helicopters from Russia - ordinary Zimbabweans are dying in their homes, for lack of ambulances to take them to hospitals?

At the same time, pregnant women have to sleep on the floor due to a lack of adequate maternity wards and beds in our hospitals and clinics.

In fact, I have an aunt who passed away last week due to cervical cancer, which had reached fatal levels - simply because treatment was not easily accessible in the country.

I am still very angry about that needless death - a huge loss to all of us who loved her.

If this is what Mnangagwa regards as 'development and visionary leadership', then we are doomed as a nation!

It is undebatable that Zimbabwe has some of the most cruel and cold-hearted leaders on the face of the planet.

As long as life is good for them, then all is well - regardless of the pain and anguish, under which the rest of Zimbabwe is reeling.

As far as they are concerned, life is all about them, and everyone else means nothing.

That, to me, is the embodiment of evil!

If only they would care to know the untold anguish they had caused Zimbabweans!

All I can say to Mnangagwa is that all the tears from the suffering he has brought upon Zimbabweans are prayers that God is hearing.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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