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Corruption at vid going wayward

28 Jul 2023 at 16:53hrs | Views
The issue of institutionalised corruption which is currently taking place at Vehicle Inspectorate Department Eastlea Harare is really a cause of concern.

Corruption exists in every country and undermines social justice in many ways. It diverts public funds meant for development to rich elites, raids resources intended for poverty reduction and distorts the economy, with the biggest impact felt by the poorest people
in the society.

Zimbabwe has not been spared from this scenario. This root cause of corruption lies in the delegation of power.

Examiners at VID Eastlea Harare are demanding exorbitant bribes for one to acquire a drivers licence from students. It is alleged that they are demanding bribes ranging from $US150 -$US200 in order for one to acquire a driver's licence.

Anyone who is not bribing will have to struggle to get a licence or will never think of getting it.

Reports are saying if one goes for a road test and fails to pay that required amount of money the VID officer who would be testing that student will make sure that they fail. They will make sure that you go through a very difficult situation where you will fail to manoeuvre the car.

Management at VID Eastlea is the one actually leading in that corruption crusade which is cascading down to the lowest rungs of the ladder.

Previously there were reports that officers at the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) have been doing this for years to demand bribes for learner's and driver's licences. Firm action must be taken to investigate these reports and fire those who are implicated. Such allegations of criminal abuse of office must not not just go scotfree.

The Minister of Transport should quickly reshuffle and institute a complete overhaul at VID Eastlea Depot which has institutionalised corruption. Efforts to get in touch with the depot manager Mr Bumhira were fruitless as his mobile number was unreachable and believed to be out of the country.

This has prompted a number of Driving School owners around Harare to have a meeting with the personnel at VID who  have become so rogue.

Owners of driving schools in Harare tried to engage the VID management on why the pass rate of their students were dropping down because it was compromising their business.

The management responded by inviting the riot police to the depot and started beating up the driving school owners with baton sticks. This kind  of bahaviour is unfortunate and unacceptable and has no room in a corrupt free world.

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