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If Mnangagwa doing such a great job then why try so hard to convince Zimbabweans?

07 Aug 2023 at 19:56hrs | Views
Those who know me personally are aware that I am not easily deceived.

The secret is that, possibly due to my introvert nature, I analyze and scrutinize any given situation more than what may otherwise be considered normal.

For instance, I tend to read a person well beyond what he is saying - but studying his gestures, mannerisms, use or choice of words, and other signs - which may reveal much deeper than what is actually coming out of this mouth.

There are always signs that an individual may not even be aware is exhibiting - some of which are at the subconscious level - which actually say more about his true motivates and intentions.

Not that everyone intends to deceive or lie.

As a matter of fact, nearly every one of us harbors thoughts and traits (fears, insecurities, desires and ambitions, and so forth) of which we are not even aware or conscious.

It is, then, unsurprising that, in our words and actions (including gestures, mannerisms and even syntax or grammar) we unknowingly expose these.

This ability was not inculcated in me via any formal or informal training - more so in psychology - but simply a product of my character as an introvert.

We tend to be more attuned to both our own, and others' thought processes.

A most basic example is when an individual inadvertently shakes his head (even so slightly), or closes his eyes (even for a second or two) in the process of making a particular assertion.

This can be as a result of the speaker subconsciously disassociating himself from his own statement - which may signal that, either he is not entirely convinced in what he is saying, or he knows that he is lying.

Without boring anyone with a whole lecture on the functioning of my mind, let me get to my point.

As Zimbabwe swiftly heads towards the 23rd August harmonized elections, there have been plenty of instances whereby those participating have exposed themselves in ways that they would not have wanted.

A case in point is the ruling ZANU PF party and their leader President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

They have been on a tireless nationwide crusade, primarily through rallies - in which they have been fervently trying to convince the people of Zimbabwe of their deserving another term in office - on the basis of the 'outstanding development' they have brought the country.

They has seized every conceivable opportunity in repeating and shoving down Zimbabweans' throats the supposedly 'numerous works' undertaken by the Mnangagwa administration.

In fact, this campaign has bordered on the hysterical - as each and every day, the state broadcaster, ZBC, fills entire hour-long news bulletins and other programming with nothing else but the so-called 'achievements of the Second Republic'.

Furthermore, the main opposition CCC has practically been cut off and ostracized at every turn - not only repeatedly denied their right to access state media, but also a distorted and twisted narrative being peddled.

On top of this, numerous hurdles have been placed on their right to freely campaign - as many proposed rallies have been denied permission by the police on spurious grounds - which unashamedly border on double standards, since the ruling ZANU PF is never subjected to the same.

In the past few days alone, there have been several reports of CCC supporters being brutalized - with one (Tinashe Chitsunge) stoned to death by suspected ZANU PF hooligans in Harare's Glen Norah suburb.

ZANU PF has also attempted to use our judiciary in taking the place of the electoral commission - by disqualifying CCC candidates, even though their nomination papers had been accepted by ZEC.

A case in point being the tragic scenario in Bulawayo - where 12 CCC candidates were disqualified by the High Court, on the pretext of submitting their papers late - forcing the opposition to swiftly appeal to the Supreme Court, which reversed this bizarre ruling.

Then there are the forced attendance to ruling party rallies - whereby, intimidation mixed with enticements of free meals and handouts are dangled - as multitudes are ferried by busses from all across the country.

For someone like myself, whose mind is naturally wired in reading between the lines, and seeing beyond the surface - all these incidents raise some serious red flags.

Why all these despicable and desperate shenanigans, if Mnangagwa is genuinely delivering on his promises to develop the country and uplift the livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans?

Surely, where there is real development, should it not be naturally present and visible for all to see?

If the livelihoods of the ordinary citizenry are truly on the up - with the supposed 'leaving no one and no place behind' yielding tangible fruits - should this not be obvious to every Zimbabwean?

Would there be any need to make so much noise about it - practically forcing this down the citizenry?

If, for instance, there are now plenty of meaningful employment opportunities for our children - whereby they can easily fulfill their ambitions and aspirations - should this not be self-evident without the need to force them into accepting this as fact?

Are our youth now able to follow their dreams - instead of being forced into embarking on so-called 'projects' - which neither provide them a decent dignified livelihood, nor of which they are passionate?

If the cost of living is now within reach of the majority of Zimbabweans, should this not be felt by all - as we now will be able to afford all our basic needs and wants - instead of being told this at ZANU PF rallies?

If the infrastructural development in the country is as magnificent as it is touted to be, then should this not be visible to each and everyone of us - rather than only hearing this repeatedly regurgitated on ZBC?

As a matter of fact, if Mnangagwa is doing such a fantastic job - why should he be filled with so much dread of the CCC - to the extent of virtually banning the party?

If the ZANU PF regime was performing as exceptionally as they would want the nation to believe, then common sense dictates that they would be confident of winning free, fair and credible elections

In fact, they should be so confident that they feel comfortable providing the CCC as much space and freedom not only to campaign freely, but also appear as much as ZANU PF on the state broadcaster.

In addition, Mnangagwa should actually be prepared to engage in a public debate with his CCC counterpart Nelson Chamisa.

Yet, the fact that this is not the case points to a party and government that is fully aware that they have not done anything of substance in developing the country or improving the livelihoods of the ordinary citizenry.

They know that the 'development' they are making so much noise about is non-existent and only mere talk.

Is that not why, in spite of the 'hundreds of thousands' supposedly in attendance at these rallies, there is seldom the customary loud cheering and ululating when Mnangagwa is speaking?

Instead, the scenes at these rallies appear so melancholic and depressed.

Mnangagwa and his party are fully cognizant of the fact that the people are extremely disappointed and angry.

That is why they are terrified of the opposition CCC - and on overdrive trying to convince ordinary Zimbabweans that the country is truly developing and their livelihoods improving.

It is clear that the so-called Second Republic's development and achievements are a sheer fallacy!

There are things, if genuine and real, which do not need to be told anyone - as they will be too obvious to miss and visible to everyone.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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