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Zimbabwe will only develop once we've citizens who're truly eager for prosperity!

12 Aug 2023 at 11:34hrs | Views
It is not necessary the unashamedly corrupt, incompetent and uncaring government that we have in power.

Neither is it the grand looting of our vast national resources by the ruling elite - who are amassing massive wealth for themselves, at the expense of the broader population.

For me, the main impediment to Zimbabwe's development is the apparent unwillingness and lack of interest on the part of the ordinary citizenry to lead prosperous lives.

That is how I see it!

Let us be reminded that, the authority of any country's leadership is derived from the people - a fact made abundantly clear in the Zimbabwe Constitution's Founding Principles.

We, the citizenry, are the ones with all the power to elect whomsoever we desire and feel capable to lead us.

Similarly, we have the authority to kick out all those who are ruining our livelihoods.

That is why on the 23rd August 2023, Zimbabweans are go to the polls to elect our ward councillors, members of parliament and president.

This is the opportunity and unalienable right guaranteed in any democracy, designed for its citizens to determine their own destiny.

As such, any nation deserves the leaders it has - since this is a direct result of their own choices.

We can not cry over poverty and suffering - attributable to an unrepentant corrupt, incompetent and uncaring government - when we are the ones either electing them into office or keep them in power.

Whose fault does that become?

Furthermore, we have those who appear content and satisfied with a ruling establishment that has undeniably ruined their lives and livelihoods.

We witness those going to the extent of not only voting for them, but also defending their wanton destruction of a previously prosperous country.

Surely, why would a 'hwindi', vendor, informal trader, teacher, nurse, or even prostitute support and stand with a ruling elite that has constricted them to a pathetic hand-to-mouth existence?

Yet, most of these people should have been enjoying quite comfortable lifestyles - had this been a normal country, with a responsible leadership.

Why, on dear earth, would anyone defend the very national leaders who have cruelly crushed their dreams and ambitions?

Or, are we to believe these people never had any dreams of a life of prosperity and pleasure, in the first place?

Indeed, in life, we all have our own different aspirations and ambitions - which vary with each individual.

Nevertheless, there are things in Zimbabwe that I honestly do not understand!

Why would someone blessed with a relatively decent level of intelligence and education surely be gratified with some so-called 'empowerment project'?

What is there to be happy about when he can not even buy a magnificent suburban house for himself - whilst also enjoying some of life's pleasures, as flying overseas for holidaying?

On what basis can an individual be satisfied with, and even celebrate, the ability to pay rent for one or two rooms, or buy a few second hand clothes?

It is actually shocking coming across a Zimbabwean praising President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for rolling out some 'scheme or project' - since she can now afford to send her children to some poorly equipped public school.

Yet, citizens of other well-managed countries - with the same (or even less) education and skills as us in Zimbabwe - can afford to purchase they own beautiful homes, drive around in lovely cars, and enjoy a life of relative comfort.

Do we not see this in countries as South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia - where millions of us subsequently flee to, in search of a semblance of a good life?

So why do we witness Zimbabweans who seem more than pleased with a second-class subhuman existence in their own country?

What other conclusion is anyone expected to draw - when we have those establishing such organizations as Mahwindi, Vendors, Teachers, Nurses, Lawyers for ED?

It is well-known that these are all pro-Mnangagwa affiliates.

However, these are ironically composed of the very people whose lives have been wantonly destroyed by the same leader to whom they pledge their unflinching support!

How then is Zimbabwe supposed to develop when we have those who actually stand with those ruining it?

More tragically, these are ordinary people who themselves are suffering the brunt of this corrupt, incompetent and uncaring government.

I really do not understand this!

As the authority to govern is derived from the people, common sense dictates that the citizenry themselves should stand up and demand good, transparent and competent leadership.

We should actually be holding those in power to account, and kicking out those failing to deliver the livelihoods we deserve and desire.

Yet, we see the poor and suffering propping up their own tormentors.

What sense is there in that?

It is undeniable that only when we ourselves as Zimbabweans make our leaders answerable to us, can we finally expect the country and our livelihoods to improve.

Those in government are not our masters or bosses - but it is actually the other way round.

In conclusion, the extent at which a country develops is in direct proportion to the extent to which its citizens desire to prosper.

On the other hand, the extent at which a country suffers is in direct proportion to the extent at which its citizens allow the cause to fester.

If we tolerate, accept or even celebrate rubbish, we will always live rubbish lives.

If people are content and celebrate being mahwindi, vendors or relying on so-called 'projects' - which only enable them to live from hand to mouth - then there is no way we can force our leaders for a better Zimbabwe.

We will always be thankful for the mediocrity our government touts as development - whilst we sing their praises for the suffering they have caused us.

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