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The politicians aren't here to save us!

19 Sep 2023 at 23:35hrs | Views
IN politics, hope often blooms within our hearts, fueling a belief that change is on the horizon. We yearn for leaders who will champion our causes, fight for our rights, and navigate the path towards a better future. Yet, it is with great sadness that I, as a Zimbabwean, have come to realize a harsh truth: politicians aren't here to save us.

It is an illusion so profound that it can permeate even the most discerning minds. We find ourselves entranced by the charisma and eloquence of these leaders, drawing us into their grand visions of a brighter tomorrow. We invest our hopes and dreams in their promises, hoping against hope that they hold the key to unlocking a better Zimbabwe.

But as time unfolds, the painful reality becomes apparent. These figures we once idolized are mere mortals, fallible and prone to the same weaknesses as any of us. Their feet of clay are exposed, and our trust begins to crumble beneath the weight of unfulfilled promises and broken vows.

We ardently believed that our chosen politicians would be the catalysts of change, leading us out of the darkness that enveloped our nation. We thought they would breathe life into our struggling economy, uplift the marginalized, and restore justice and equality. Yet, as the years passed, we realized that our faith was misplaced.

The sad truth is that politicians, no matter how well-intentioned, are bound by the constraints of power dynamics, intricate webs of bureaucracy, and personal interests. The pursuit of political survival and personal gain often eclipses the genuine desire to serve the people who entrusted them with their votes.

We witness the disheartening reality of corruption and self-interest, where promises evaporate like morning mist and the needs of the people fade into the background. We see resources squandered while the vulnerable suffer, their dreams slipping away amidst a sea of empty rhetoric.

As Zimbabwean citizens, we must confront the hard lesson that salvation cannot be found solely within the realm of politics. Our fate, our progress, ultimately lies within our collective hands. It is in our ability to advocate for change, demand accountability, and actively participate in our communities that true transformation can occur.

While politicians may play a role in shaping the policies and direction of our nation, it is up to us to remain vigilant, to hold them to account, and to bridge the gap between their promises and our lived realities. We must recognize that change is not the sole responsibility of those who hold political office, but a shared endeavor that requires all hands on deck.

Admittedly, embracing this realization can be disheartening. It calls for a shift in mindset and a recalibration of our expectations. Yet, in acknowledging our own agency and refusing to place the burden of salvation solely on politicians, we empower ourselves and take the first steps towards building a stronger, more just society.

So, as we lament the painful lesson learned, let us also find solace in the knowledge that we are not powerless. Let our sadness transform into determination, and let us stand united in the pursuit of a brighter future for all Zimbabweans, regardless of who holds political office.

Kumbirai Thierry Nhamo

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