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ZANU PF Matebeleland North: Unity prevails against divisive elements

23 Sep 2023 at 14:08hrs | Views
ZANU PF, the political party that has shaped Zimbabwe's politics for decades, has always prided itself on its disciplined and organized approach. This has held true in Matebeleland North, where the party has stood as a symbol of unity and strength. However, recent events have seen the emergence of elements that aim to disrupt this harmony by spreading rumors, initiating leadership contests, and promoting falsehoods. In this article, we will explore how these divisive forces have affected the party's unity and the steps taken by ZANU PF Matebeleland North to combat this challenge.

President ED Mnangagwa has a soft spot for Matebeleland North province which has seen the province being honoured with high level positions such as Secretary General of ZANU-PF, Speaker of the National Assembly, Minister of Industry and Commerce , among other top posts. The leadership has seen it fit to bestow these positions on Mat North because of the province's discipline, loyalty to revolutionary ideals and dedication to developing Zimbabwe. Comrades such as Dr. Obert Mpofu, Jacob Mudenda and Sithembiso Nyoni have dedicated their lives to the development of the nation and the province. These are tried and tested leaders who carry direction and ideological clarity.

Historical Unity of ZANU PF Matebeleland North:
ZANU PF Matebeleland North has long been an epitome of political organization and discipline. The party has provided a solid platform for leadership and has successfully maintained a united front against external pressures. The region has been home to individuals with a strong sense of loyalty to the party's values and a commitment to the betterment of the community. Matebeleland North has been the political home to cadres who are ideologically clear such as John Nkomo and former provincial Minister Welshman Mabhena.

Disruption by Divisive Elements:
Unfortunately, recent times have witnessed the rise of certain elements within the party who seek to undermine the unity and strength that has long defined ZANU PF Matebeleland North. These elements employ tactics such as spreading rumors, sponsoring individuals to contest against senior leadership, and disseminating falsehoods among the party's leadership. The cancer of rumour mongering has been spreading as people try to find favour with the top leadership by spreading falsehoods and gossip in the name of intelligence gathering and intelligence reporting.

Impact on Leadership:
The consequence of these divisive tendencies is to create a notable rift among the leadership, which ultimately weakens the party's overall cohesiveness. The rifts created by rumour mongers has seen the party losing seats in some districts in Mat North. Instead of collaborating for the betterment of the region and its citizens, key figures find themselves embroiled in internal conflicts fueled by false rumors and baseless allegations. Obert Mpofu, Jacob Mudenda, Sithembiso Nyoni, Richard Moyo, Headman Moyo and other senior leaders in the province are clear about the vision of the new dispensation under President ED Mnangagwa and delivering a mandate of NDS1 and an upper middle-income economy by 2030. It is disheartening that people will spread rumours and try to cause a rift amongst the senior leadership so that they lose focus and the opposition gains ground in Mat North.

Countering Discord:
However, ZANU PF Matebeleland North has not stood idly by in the face of these challenges. Recognizing the importance of unity, the party leadership has taken decisive steps to address the situation. These measures include fostering a culture of open dialogue, conducting thorough investigations into the origins of rumors, and promoting transparency and accountability within the party's ranks. The province recently held a no holds barred PCC meeting which sought to bring back focus and attention to the core issues of development as guided by NDS1.

Encouraging Transparency:
To combat the spread of falsehoods, leadership in Matebeleland North has made a concerted effort to encourage open communication and transparency. The party needs to set an example by disciplining divisive elements , rumour mongers and anyone who seeks to cause division among the provincial and national leadership. It is time to focus on development, discipline and productivity not mischief and misguided behaviour.

Reaffirming Party Values:
Leadership within ZANU PF Matebeleland North has placed significant emphasis on reinforcing the party's core values to address factionalism. Party leaders in the province such as Advocate Jacob Mudenda and Dr. Sithembiso Nyoni have always called on members to be disciplined and focused on core values. Members have been reminded several times of the importance of working together harmoniously, focusing on the common goal of serving the people and advancing the party's agenda. This reaffirmation of values helps instill discipline and unity, ultimately combating the divisive tendencies that arise.

ZANU PF Matebeleland North has long been a bastion of political organization, discipline, and unity. However, recent challenges posed by divisive elements have tested the party's cohesiveness. To address this threat, the leadership must take proactive steps to nip this cancer in the bud. ZANU PF Matebeleland North must rid itself of rumours and divisiveness, returning to its roots as a united force working towards a better future for all under the guidance and leadership of His Excellency Dr. E.D Mnangagwa.

Source - Ronald Munkuli
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