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Prof Amon Murwira off route

25 Oct 2023 at 20:46hrs | Views
Last week's statement from Minister of Higher Education Amon Murwira leaves a trace of hopelessness within the the young graduates.

It is a shame that those who are politically connected create position for their children for a good example Mnangagwa's son who is now a lieutenant in the army and Kembo Mohadi's daughter who was appointed a ZEC commissioner last year just to mention a few.

When it is time for elections, these are the same politician who always bombard us with promises to create jobs, jobs and jobs in their big volume manifestos but soon after elections they turn back and start telling the same electorate that they must create their own employment and not wait to be employed.

They recruit their friends and relatives in government offices and give them higher positions. They sit in different boards. The country needs a serious massive job creation drive.

The unemployment crisis is so deep in the country due to poor economic policies and harsh conditions of doing business in Zimbabwe. The economy is not performing and the government is failing in terms of employment creation.

Professor Amon Murwira's tone was out of in sync with the reality on the ground. Murwira has been working in government since the 90s and wants college and university graduates to create their own jobs. "We will not construct people who work for other people. The issue of graduating and seeking employment should be a thing of the past" that was uncalled for.

So what is he still doing in government for more than thirty years? He should be the one leading by an example and people will follow suit.

The Minister is failing to address and articulate the real challenges facing the country as far as unemployment is concerned. Jobs cannot be created in an environment where corruption is very high. The government must first fix this and bring back confidence in the industry.

Creating more and better quality jobs is key to boosting growth, reducing poverty and increasing social cohesion. Zimbabwe has the capacity to do that but we keep on training people for other countries.

The country must build a stable macroeconomic framework coupled with structural policies that encourage innovation, skills and business development.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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