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Who can Chamisa send to meet SADC presidents in the current crop of MPs?

09 Nov 2023 at 21:27hrs | Views
I agree with you, the name CCC is gone, but the support remains, but that too is becoming demoralised with the lack of action to protect the votes.

Nelson Chamisa is the most popular politician in Zimbabwe, but popularity without a robust political leadership yields nothing in the face of a brutal regime.

Popularity should transform into robust leadership which rides on that popularity.

I mentioned before the elections that CCC was weak, and I was insulted by CCC leaders and their supporters.

That weakness is self evident in the lack of substantive and collective decision making.

One minute Chamisa says he is not participating in by-elections, then the next minute they are now participating, it leaves the base confused and demoralised.

This is caused by a lack of a collective leadership that makes decisions instead of one person and his advisors who are not part of the CCC leadership.

CCC also lacks a friend like Alex Magaisa who showed it love but was honest, tough love.

He publicly advised CCC to have a constitution, yet each time we raised this issue we were insulted.

Today it has bootlickers who see no evil or hear no evil, and they have contributed immensely to its weakness because leaders are treated like musicians with pathetic and endless political love messages on Twitter.

Nelson Chamisa will prevail only if he can UNITE all the progressive forces instead of having a small church of his friends, ZANUPF likes that because there are NO big names to fight it alongside him.

Who can Nelson Chamisa send to meet SADC presidents in the current crop of MPs?

I ask not to mock, but because that is what the ambassadors ask journalists.

Then lastly the Zimbabwean media needs to be asking the tough questions and not become an extension of party propaganda on both sides.

Yes you can support ZANUPF or CCC, but your role once you are holding the pen is to say the truth.

That failure is making things worse!

CCC has no constitution, it failed to produce one in court, the media should call it out for that.

You can't claim to be a constitutionalist without a constitution!

The failure to have a structured leadership was raised with all senior journalists by THREE observer missions.

They complained that when they met with Nelson Chamisa he was alone without a team and asked how he could defend his votes when he is a Lone Ranger.

His supporters don't want to hear all these issues yet they are part of what had weakened him.

The journalists know about these observer team comments, but they are afraid of the lynch mobs on social media so they don't repeat them.

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