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The story behind the graduation scarf

11 Nov 2023 at 07:09hrs | Views
Someone once said, when a man who has been virtually paralyzed starts walking, even slow, they are greeted with joy by well-meaning friends, but as expectations are raised, disappointments begin to set, if his progress is perceived to be slow. Surely he should be able to walk more briskly by now, some wonder aloud. This is not to say the wondering aloud is legitimate or justified, especially if it is blind the gravitational forces. My love affair with the national colored Presidential Scarf Regalia was intensified and blossomed after a realization that the man is limping even much better despite the odds at stake his policies speaks volumes to his commitment to nation building.

The development and growth of every modern economy is inextricably linked to the state of its infrastructure. Despite the chicken and egg conundrum in understanding the ED administration policies, l still believe that investment in infrastructure development is a stance worth rallying behind. Infrastructure development in the countryside which have been a result of the devolution policy signed by President Mnangagwa at the onset of his first term in office has seen access to basic education, health and water supply meliorated significantly. These improvements constituted a significant milestone in the  development of  human capital and human capacity in the countryside.

The devolution policy which l eulogize President Mnangagwa for signing  into policy has provided a coherent organised roadmap, that has been responsible for the development of critical infrastructure in the countryside which filled an essential basic services delivery infrastructure vacuum. Devolution is an important springboard to give rural/countryside a facelift. If that is not a cause for young people to find resonance in the man spearheading such vital developments in our countryside then l find it weird.

When it comes to hope for rural development, devolution has provided for a positive quantum leap socio-economic framework for a bottom up development approach. Development has been made to suit community preferences and respond to community needs. This policy has generated optimism in the countryside communities, to emerge from the shadows or peripheral shores of economic participation. The policy has shown how it is grounded on empowering societies and ensuring social solidarity and obligation towards nation building while inspiring a passion in the Zimbabwean people of the Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo philosophy.

The devolution policy marks the beginning of the rise of the countryside children to stardom and socio-economic competitiveness. This gave me every reason to salute President Mnangagwa's commitment to change and social transformation by wearing the national regalia (scarf). Wearing that scarf on my graduation day was a sign of showing solidarity with ED's clear ideology and strategy of development.

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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