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'Zimbabweans like to be RULED and not LED' - cold comfort and have paid dearly for it

14 Nov 2023 at 19:22hrs | Views
"Zimbabweans like to be RULED and not LED, ruling requires supporters to support their favourite leader even when he is being undemocratic," observed Hopewell Chin'ono.

"Leading requires supporters to question their leader's actions and to call them out when they are being undemocratic.

"That culture doesn't exist in both ZANUPF and the opposition."

He was stating a home truth many Zimbabweans do not want to hear but a home truth we must hear, at least if we are serious about digging ourselves out of the hell-on-earth we have landed ourselves in. Zimbabwe is a failed state and it is entirely our own fault!

"Zimbabwean rulers even have intellectuals and purported thought leaders who support their rulership on both sides, it is not just about the Povo's lack of political sophistication," continued Chin'ono.

"If you disagree with them, they insult you instead of engaging you, on both ends of our politics.

"Our politics is still very rudimentary, the common denominator is only the equal dislike of either ZANUPF or the opposition and not values or any ideology."

Chin'ono, you have hit the nail on the head! The root cause why Zimbabwe is  a failed state; and, unless we do something about it, doomed to blundering from pillar to post to the end of time; is because we are an ignorant, gullible and naive people. It is no surprise that everything we do including, "our politics is still very rudimentary," as you aptly put it.

Most of our people are nothing more than Boxer the horse, in George Orwell's Animal Farm. It took Boxer as long to learn the first four letters of the alphabet as it took other animals to learn all the 26 letters. It took him just as long again to learn the next four letters and by the time he had forgotten the first four letters. He gave up!

Boxer could not come up with a single coherent idea of his own and soon found comfort in blindly supporting everything Napoleon said. "Napoleon is always right!" became his motto.

Man is a creature of intellect and reason and it is most disconcerting when anyone let alone a significant proportion of the nation's population not only stop thinking for themselves and treat mere mortals as infallible demigods who must not be questions. And, worst of all coerce others to do the same!

These "Chamisa Chete Chete!" "Chamisa is our only hope!" people are brain-dead; in the 1980s they worship Robert Mugabe with the same blind and irrational devotion. They call Chamisa "Change Champion in Chief" and yet not even the so called intellectuals amongst them name even one democratic change MDC/CCC have brought in 23 years, 5 of which in the GNU. They have failed to implement even one token change.

One of the reasons why so many Zimbabweans are dumb and slow is their pathological dislike of detail. And, typical of one who knows f**k all, they like to masquerade as Steve Wonder's "Misstra know it all". Call their bluff and they take it personally; in a flash, they will turn what should be a civil debate into a no-holds barred brawling match. They would rather muddy the waters than concede a point!

It was Albert Einstein who said insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. In Zimbabwe we have been participating in flawed elections, so flawed even something as basic as a verified voters' roll was missing, and expect the opposition to win big; even after 43 years of the Zanu PF mafiosi ring the elections. Such is the soaring heights of our people's ignorance and collective insanity.

Like it or not, Zimbabwe is a failed state because we have failed to govern ourselves. Even now, 43 years after independence, in this day and age, we are still failing to hold free, fair and credible elections. Many Zimbabweans do not know what constitute free, fair and credible elections much less how to implement the democratic reforms to guarantee free elections. Like Boxer the horse, they have not been paying attentions to learn the A B C D of politics.

Zimbabwe is a failed state; 43 years of corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF misrule have left the country is economic ruins and political paralysis as the autocratic political system has clearly failed to produce quality leaders in Zanu PF and the opposition camp. And unless Zimbabweans pull up their socks and learn what constitute free elections and implement the democratic reforms and thus end this curse of rigged elections and bad governance; Zimbabwe will remain a failed state. Period!

As a rule, nations get the government they deserve. We in Zimbabwe certainly deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship complete with the entourage of equally corrupt and incompetent opposition parties. If we are serious about wanting change then we must earn it to deserve it.

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