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Engraving Tshabangu's Epitaph

16 Jan 2024 at 19:17hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is a two-tier political democratic country where we have the ruling party and the opposition led by Nelson Chamisa.

Zimbabweans are not yet ripe to start towing along the lines of any new opposition political party which does not talk of total change for the whole political dichotomy.

Now that Sengezo Tshabangu is pushing for an elective congress to bring his bosses as top leadership hoping that they will eliminate Nelson Chamisa. No doubt the pointers are showing that Tshabangu is now on the verge of writing his own political obituary and will be history very soon. May his political life rest in perfect peace.

The road to political Armageddon for overzealous Sengezo Tshabangu has just started.

Tshabangu a self imposed CCC Secretary General is presently enjoying the blessings of FAZ, intelligence officers, the captured courts and all the security apparatus but lacks that political acumenship and zest. He is actually following the unfashionable script of Mr Douglas Mwonzora.

This self imposed CCC Zimbabwe interim Secretary General has recently appointed an interim leadership of his party and this has proved that all what he is doing has no any consultation from his colleagues. Tshabangu a thug who is everything in the party and cannot be taken seriously in the political spheres. He is just a lone ranger who will fall with a big thud and his congress will definitely not have any takers.

Zimbabweans who want to see complete change cannot be fooled by this drama. People can see the hand behind all these political and illegal shenanigans which are at full display from Mnangagwa's led Zanu PF whose aim is to achieve and enjoy a two thirds majority rule in parliament. This is an assault on democracy.

Nelson Chamisa's political life is still kicking and alive. He still enjoys massive popularity among a diverse group of people in Zimbabwe and he must quickly rebrand the party and come up with a very strong constitution and conduct a congress which will prevent and ring fence ghosts self imposed secretary general like Sèngezo Tshabangu.

Politics is about numbers and Chamisa has that added advantage on Tshabangu who cannot draw a crowd of around five hundred people.

Everyday in our families and households, schools, churches, beer halls, market places, shops colleges and universities. They are whispering Chamisa's name.

They are operating as veritable mouthpieces for the party or as underground movement.

Most people's dreams have bee stolen by this government. It is unfortunate that Tshabangu is detached from what most Zimbabweans want. The people want to see a complete change and a political party which will not compromise in delivering the much needed change not an opposition which dines and eats with the ruling party like what Tshabangu is doing.

This is the last kicks of a dying donkey and Tshabangu will be remembered by Zimbabweans for completely conniving with the ruling party to kill the hopes and aspirations of the people. He must be charged with murder.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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