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Chamisa's poor betrayal and selfish strategy

26 Jan 2024 at 04:41hrs | Views
His desire for power at times eclipses his sense of reasoning and judgment.

Today you dump your MPs and Senators because of Tshabangu and form another political party and yesteryear you dumped MDC- T for MDC-Alliance.

The basis for the formation of all these parties from MDC T, MDC-Alliance, CCC and now the Democratic Alliance party, is the desire to consolidate power.

A normal political party in this 21st century era cannot be a one-man band, no congress, no structures, and the party is formed through press conference and the leader just resigns no congress or extra-ordinary congress so that the decision has ownership.

Today, "God is in CCC" and the next day, "I no longer have anything to do with CCC".

These are the pitfalls of dumping legitimate structures and stakeholders like labour, CSOs, NGOs, academics and instead listening to student activists who are even novices in politics.

Chamisa has reduced the whole opposition spectrum to student activism and instead of honouring his mistakes he rushed to blame Zanu-PF as if it sits in his meetings.

Chamisa has trust issues, everyone around him especially those who challenge his authority are Zanu-PF projects and state infiltrators.

If infiltration is that easy, why not reciprocate it to Zanu-PF.

The danger is that the traditional funders now understand him well and his blame game antics. He has lost trust and credibility from his funders, stakeholders, and founders of the MDC at its inception in 1999.

This political confusion of forming four political parties in a span of six years, has never been witnessed in the entire history of politics and political philosophy. Political dementia is a serious threat to politics.

Who went to former President Mugabe and who made a pact with him, and Jonathan Moyo post 2017.

What had Chamisa promised the former President for him to openly declare in 2018 that he was going to vote for Chamisa.

This shows Chamisa is deliberately Zanu-PF by night and opposition by the day.

Social media is awash with Chamisa's cries, wanting to be accorded an opportunity to meet President Mnangagwa so that, he gets projection.

He thinks and dreams power, a dangerous political character.

He should be straightforward as a leader; political meandering is dangerous.

What was Chamisa doing with the G4O political renegades during the 2018 elections?

All he cares about is power, even if it means betraying the electorate and these are dangerous signs of a dictator.

There is no democracy in Chamisa's character and political manoeuvres.

The way Chamisa grabbed power upon the demise of Tsvangirai are the same tactics he is deploying to smuggle himself into the State House.

The late musician, Simon Chimbetu was right that, the longest distance in Zimbabwe is getting to State House in his song "ku State House kure".

I think we need to adopt the approach by other jurisdictions of mental examination to political candidates before they are allowed to assume political leadership.

The cumulative effects of the actions by Chamisa point to political insanity.

Has Chamisa calculated the implication his decision has made to the electorate, funders, sitting MPs and Senators elected under the CCC.

By resigning and by operation of the law he has expelled all the remaining MPs and Senators from Parliament and Senate respectively just because he wants to shield himself from Tshabangu.

This decision to resign has nothing to do with the interests of the electorate but purely selfish move.

A true leader does not betray his own but instead stands up to protect own supporters.

By quitting CCC he has inadvertently recalled all his MPs and Senators from Parliament and Senate for selfish gains.

If they are in Parliament and Senate on the CCC card, by distancing himself from that party, he is also distancing himself from them.

What a great betrayal to his own political colleagues? Chamisa has caused more extensive damage than the one cause by Tshabangu, if the principle of reasoning and quantitative damage is to be applied.

In politics never take the electorate for fools that you make dance to your tune willy-nilly.

Source - The Herald
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