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Countries under illegal US sanctions must unite against Washington

31 Jan 2024 at 04:45hrs | Views
Yes, it is very possible for Zimbabwe, China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and all other countries under illegally imposed United States sanctions to formerly gang up and fight Washington.

There is power and strength in numbers. There is a pool of wisdom in numbers. The time to stop Washington from continued bullying of other nations is now. Not tomorrow!

Washington must learn that it is not God-given to suppress other independent nations.

Instead it is actually evil. Very, very evil to punish other countries for charting a different path and political ideology. This aggression through sanctions must stop.

From Zimbabwe to Cuba, Russia and little everywhere else, the United States has abused its muscle and imposed illegal sanctions, its biggest motive being regime change and resultantly gain ease access to natural resources.

The world should no longer watch and allow the US to continue abusing its sanctions regime. All countries under US sanctions should, therefore, unite and form a formidable force against Washington.

They should say enough is enough. The US has no moral rights to police the world; it lost that long back, through abuse of sanction, sponsoring wars that spill blood, massive corruption, regime change and disrespect of the sovereignty of other nations.

It takes good people to do nothing for the evil to prevail. The illegal sanctions regime makes US the axis of evil. The sort of evil that has tried to bring down the economies of Zimbabwe, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran and many other countries.

The crime purported by the US to have been committed by these countries is refusing to be submissive to the Washington chiefdom, and opting to independently chart a different socio-political and economic path.

These countries have been punished for doing what is good for their countries against what the US wants. That is cruel dictatorship on part of the US.

But there are a lot of interesting things that have been brought by these cornered countries. Somehow all of them have managed to survive against the sanctions in their various ways.

What is critical though, is that these countries must share notes and work out, as a team, how to dismantle these cruel sanctions regime and shame the US.

The US Department of State issued nearly 100 sanctions targeting Russia's future energy production and revenue, metals and mining sector, defence procurement, and those involved in supporting the Russian government's special military operation in Ukraine.

It is a shame that US does not see Ukraine as a very, very bad neighbour to Russia, which should be punished.

But Russia is no pushover. Russia is very strong. The Russian economy took a slight knock at first, but has grown much better. The irony of it is that Russia under sanctions has an economy growing much better than that of the United Kingdom or Germany.

The Russian economy has taken a new positive course much to the chagrin of Washington.

The Carnegie Russia Eurasia Centre has been following the Russian economy very closely since the imposition of sanctions and the launch of the special military operation in Ukraine.

The organisation has projected the Russian economy to grow by 3 percent which is more than Germany and UK projections. And, Germany and UK are not under US sanctions. That is the Russian magic.

Russia has good markets in China, India, Turkey and other buyers of its oil products.

Despite the sanctions, the Russian economy is working and it creates taxes. With China the biggest buyer of Russian oil products, the US should be ashamed to keep a sanctions plinth.

This means Russia has responded and adapted well to the sanctions, which makes it a good gang member for Zimbabwe, China, Iran and all other countries under sanctions. That makes President Putin and his government very intelligent for Joe Biden and his administration. Russia has outwitted US.

Cuba has also done very well. It has survived decade after decade of US sanctions and it still stands tall.

Little Zimbabwe, landlocked as it is has done far too well under the Zanu-PF Government not to be brought to it knees by illegal US sanctions imposed in 2001. Zimbabwe's crime is repossession of land from the minority whites and redistributing it to the majority blacks.

In China, the US government applies sanctions against certain institutions and key members of the Chinese government and its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), certain companies linked to the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and other affiliates that the US government has accused of aiding in human rights abuses.

But like Russia, China is very strong and needs to help smaller nations like Zimbabwe counter the sanctions.

In Iran, the US has imposed the biggest and most widespread sanctions regime and Iran is so hurt with US antics. There are no signs of the US relenting from these sanctions. But Iran has also stood its ground  and managed to survive.

Now that all the countries are coping with the sanctions in one way or the other, it sounds a very noble idea to gang up and form a formidable organisation to burst US sanctions.

The current leaders of the countries under sanctions will be judged badly by history if they do nothing to shame the US and stop it from abusing other nations.

The US cannot get away with this. We all know how cruel, how corrupt, how stubborn the US  has become, worse still the one under Joe Biden.

Source - The Herald
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