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The maize crop is now on the brink of total loss

20 Feb 2024 at 11:08hrs | Views
Lost in her zen and solitude, the old widow scanned the skies, her elderly eyesight failing her. But, no sign of rain. The skies seem to have put in place 'targeted sanctions' against some majority countryside real estate.

Who offended the Most High, is it child marriages or those working the fields on the Sabbath? The maize crop near tusselling is now showing all signs of moisture stress, no promising clouds and no friendly weather forecast.

Surprisingly the tobacco farmer is smiling ear to ear albeit no selling season yet. The tobacco crop did very well and most farmers are now busy flue-curing the golden leaf. Its the grain farmer who is now singing the blues.

No farmers no future. Muchaswecansay, its time authorities come up with contingent plans to mitigate the Elnino induced drought. All pointers and the nationwide index 'finger' are all indicating a glaring drought and its attendant afflictions.

The old widow could not speak, face contorted with fear of the looming famine, her face got drenched in tears, afraid of the last village supper. In Chinehasha villages like most areas, the maize crop is now shrivelled, stunted and maybe 'praying silently'. Silence can be very loud, decibels beyond measure. My request, may the clergy place rainfall at the cross-hairs of their prayers.

Even those in secular shrines  and invocation, its time to clap hands in supplication for rains. As we chat, speak and communicate, most households in Chiweshe especially Mupuyo area  Ward 3 are already without grain.

A bucket of maize is now backyard retailing for ten greenback. The elderly widow's fear is not unfounded, the skies are dry.  Indeed maybe the rains may fall but the horse has bolted.

The harvest will be poor and lacking in essential micronutrients. S.O.S, to avert stavation, Chiweshe villagers need food assistance now. May the pro-people Second Republic seriously consider assisting us now before starvation. Hunger is the worst enemy of humanity, its easier to keep one's health than it is to regain it after becoming wafer thin.

On a parting note, if Chinehasha Irrigation Scheme was up and running, we could have been smiling all the way to the grinding mills and the bank.  We have plenty clean water but only the weaver birds are hoping from branch to branch as they mind their own business of building nests on the bank shores of Chinehasha Dam and pitying on us.

With a functional irrigation system, our hard working farmers could fill up the granaries at Nzvimbo Growth Point in Chiweshe.

Practise good hygiene, cholera kills.

Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo Murisa
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