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Welshman Ncube is the legitimate CCC leader

24 Feb 2024 at 13:01hrs | Views
The Welshman Ncube Interview with an online publication recently cleared the air on his alleged links with Sengezo Tshabangu and the baseless sellout tag.It needs  aprogressive and level headed minds to embrace the truth in as much as some people hate him.He layed the facts on the table but fools will continue to smear him with baseless allegations.

They can continue to do so until their mouths close but some of us in Mashonaland will not trust Nelson Chamisa given his recent actions.The real CCC is now known not the Chamisa /Mkwananzi dubious faction.The Welshman Ncube led CCC is the most legitimate CCC to those interested in genuine opposition politics.

The swift move by Citizens Coalition For Change CCC leadership after the mysterious departure of former President Nelson Chamisa should be applauded and will get our maximum support.

The sudden departure of Nelson Chamisa will not kill our spirits as advocates of change in Zimbabwe and whoever wants to follow him or wait for for what he calls solo project can freely do so.

It is now evident that Nelson Chamisa is a dishonest team member who is both too hungry and thirsty for political power.

People can talk,attack the current CCC leadership or lay as many false allegations as they may want but we will view the current team led by Professor Welshman Ncube  and Tendai Biti as the right team to steer the country forward.
In blindly following Chamisa whose whereabouts are unknown is the highest degree of foolishness by any desperate opposition leader or supporter.

He ran away from Biti and Welshman Ncube because he felt threatened and  decided to embark on a lying crusade as if he holds the key for Zimbabwe.

Chamisa is now a political spend force who has ruined his own political career because of his love for Zanu pf money.He is one opposition leader who is so keen to prolong the Zanu pf stay in power.

To some of us Nelson Chamisa is sellout whose antics are too dirty to take us out of the Zanu pf mess.

Those thinking that political programmes in the country are determined by Chamisa can comfortably go hang because not all of us depend on him for political survival.

The announcements made by Jacob Mafume put to rest the debate about the legitimate CCC and it also confirmed that the Promise Mkwananzi,Chibaya,Timba and Tshabangu teams are dubious.

We shall stand in full support of Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti.
Continue lying about Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti but the truth shall set them free and it will not take time before it comes to light that Nelson Chamisa is more Zanu pf than Emmerson Mnangagwa himself.

The opposition coalition in Zimbabwe has the backing of the people contrary to the stinging lies being peddled by Chamisa loyalists who are following a shadow.
Chamisa lied to the nation that he was anointed by Morgan Tsvangirai yet he ascended to the top through an evil midnight palace coup.

Gugugu Magorira

Source - Gugugu Magorira
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