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Once, rather vote for monkeys just to be rid of Zanu PF; now monkeys rather than imploding CCC

26 Feb 2024 at 21:49hrs | Views
"A FORMER AFRICAN LEADER URGES MNANGAGWA TO STEP DOWN" screamed the headlines by Correspondent in WINDHOEK NAMIBIA circulating in social media.

"Several former Heads Of States and Government who attended the Memorial service of the late Namibia President Hage Geingob concurred Mnangagwa needed to do the right thing," continued the report.

"When the regional block SADC sends an observer team to a Member State to observe elections ...they come back with a report...don't they? What is the report saying? What is SADC saying about the report? I would simply step aside and allow the SADC due processes to proceed..that's The mark of a Good leader", the former Head of State said.

"We get mandates to lead from our People. If the People say this is not what we step aside don't bully everyone including the regional body don't win those battles ".

The former African leader has not been following what has been happen in Zimbabwe; he would be glad SADC leaders did not step in to deny Zanu PF political legitimacy regardless of the damning report of vote rigging. There is chaos in Zimbabwe give the country is shunned by all because it is a pariah state but the situation would be even worse under a Chamisa led government!

Before the dust of the chaotic and rigged 23 August 2023 Zimbabwe elections had settled down, CCC pushed the self-destruct button by recalled a number of newly elected party officials starting a factional war that raging out of control. The party's leader, Nelson Chamisa, has since resigned complaining the party has been infiltrated and compromised by Zanu PF.

If SADC leaders had acted on the damning election report and denied Zanu PF legitimacy so that Zimbabwe ended up with another GNU, as happened is 2008; no one would expect a heavily infiltrated CCC to perform any better than MDC at implementing meaningful democratic reforms. It should be noted MDC failed to implement even one reform. Worse still, if SADC's intervention had resulted in Chamisa led government.

Zanu PF would be having a field day since the primary purpose of the Zanu PF infiltrators would be throw spanners in the works to prove that CCC was incompetent and not fit to govern. This Zanu PF government has already proven to be corrupt and incompetent one shudders at the prospect of the chaos and destruction these Zanu PF thugs will cause when they know some one else will be blamed for their mischief!

It is a historic fact that MDC/CCC leaders have not only failed to implement even one reform in 23 years, including 5 in the GNU. Worst of all, they have been participating in these flawed elections knowing fully well that would only give Zanu PF legitimacy. They have even lied about "plugging all Zanu PF vote rigging loop holes", just to get the people participate and to hide the reason they were hell bent in participating was greed.

Zanu PF has offered a few gravy train seats to entice the opposition to participate and CCC leaders have found the bait irresistible.

There was a time Zimbabwe would vote for a troop of monkeys just to see the back of Zanu PF; such has been the nation's desperation for regime change. The truth is after 23 years of voting for MDC/CCC leaders, the nation has failed to get the desired regime changed. Worst of all, it is as clear as day that we will never ever get regime change as long as CCC leaders remain the country main opposition.

It is ironic that Zimbabwe would be better off voting for a real troop of monkeys than MDC/CCC leaders; at least the monkeys would not be infiltrated rendering the troop Zanu PF party in all but name and the troop so chaotic and dysfunctional that even the power hungry leader is forced to resign in a huff!

Chamisa is launching a new political party and the infiltrators are there to help. Without first implementing the reforms no opposition party can escape Zanu PF infiltrators such is the overwhelming corrupting influence of the party. Chamisa or anyone else for that matter will launch an opposition party without being infiltrated by Zanu PF.

What Zimbabwe needs to break the suffocating Zanu PF strangle, is an opposition that will push hard for democratic reforms, no reforms no elections. Push so hard none of Zanu PF's bribes will tempt the opposition to compromise on reforms. Then and only then would Zanu PF be forced to accept the need to implement the democratic reforms.

I believe SADC would happily support such a focused and determined opposition in Zimbabwe. The region body thought they had such a partner in MDC in the 2008 to 2013 GNU. They were disappointed when the MDC leaders; i.e. Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti, David Coltart, Welshman Ncube, Morgan Tsvangirai and many others; turned out to be corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless. They are still corrupt and incompetent, nothing has changed, so why any SADC leader want another GNU led by the same corrupt opposition beggars belief!

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