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Who is protecting Henrieta Rushwaya?

25 Mar 2024 at 20:21hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is in a state of disaster where the leaders are caught in a web of corruption, putting the young people and the next generation into a  hopeless future of wallowing in abject poverty without jobs.

Last week Henrietta Rushwaya was trending again for the wrong reasons, she has now now become an untouchable cadre, a hub and centre of corruption. She has successfully become the epitome of negative energy towards the progress of the country but unfortunately the law has not extended its long arm to arrest her.

This time she is being accused of defrauding an indian investor Dr Deepak Hindocha who is a gold buyer. Rushwaya duped the mining investor of over a million dollars. Rushwaya and gold have become bona fide allies.

Corruption in the country has become institutionalised to such an extent that it has caused the incessant economic hemorrhage hence the poor economic growth and performance.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Comission which investigates corruption cases has not been doing enough to combat corruption. In fact it has become another toothless bull dog which has been abrogated by disuse. It has become an accomplice in handling such cases. The catch and release scenario is the order of the day. Characters such as Henrietta Rushwaya are the reason investors have ZERO confidence in investing in the country, they actually look to other countries.

Henrietta is a celebrated con lady who keeps being promoted for her criminal activities. Her propensity to plunder is of high magnitude ranging from the ZIFA shenanigans, picking up the wrong bag with 6 kilograms of gold and now the duping of Indian investors.

The lady is always at the storm of corruption and embezzlement of funds. Soon after the case of smuggling gold collapsed she went on to be rewarded with a top post in Zimbabwe Mining Federation.

We know she will never see the inside of a prison. She literally dupes people of their funds on behalf and takes the fall at a percentage. A great chunk of the loot goes to those whom she is connected to and the story continues unabated. Zimbabwe is just one big joke a scene of institutionalised  crimes.

According to a source from Africa Risk Reward Index 2023 by Oxford Economics Africa, Zimbabwe was classified amongst the riskiest country to do business with.

The question is- How can we stop this corruption which is eating the economic fabric morale of the country and only benefiting a few elite in the government? We have seen how comrades in Zanu PF like Gata, Ignatius Chombo, Priscilla Mupfumira, Obert Moyo, Henrietta Rushwaya, Mayor Wadyejena the Gold Mafia crew just to mention a few being let out of the hook.  

Zimbabwe has become a country where thieves and criminals are celebrated and even getting top posts instead of condemning and locking them up.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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