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'Are there quality leaders - no paying lip service to free elections?' Need discerning and lip-reading voters to find them

28 Mar 2024 at 22:57hrs | Views
"In our midst, can we not find today leaders who do not pay lip services to freedom, justice and liberty to gain the people's trust?" asked one whatsApp group member.

This is not a simple question and so there is no simple answer.

The problem rises from having an electorate that is so ignorant they are fooled again and again and again because they do not have a discerning mind to distinguish substance from foam. MDC/CCC leaders, for example, have not only failed to implement even one reform to stop Zanu PF rigging elections they are the ones conning the people into participating in flawed elections to give Zanu PF legitimacy. The people have failed to realise what is going on because they can only deal with one good and one bad at a time.

The people have accepted Zanu PF as the bad guys and MDC/CCC as the good guys. They understand the simple reality of tossing a coin, it will land head or tail, good or bad.

These people cannot comprehend the political reality that MDC/CCC leaders have failed to perform the task of implementing the reforms and therefore we have bad opposition. They cannot judge CCC leaders except in the light of Zanu PF which is nonsensical in this context since we have never entrusted Zanu PF with the task of implementing the reform.

Of course, the MDC/CCC leaders can be corrupt and incompetent regardless of what Zanu PF is doing just as one can toss a second coin and its outcome is independent of the outcome of the first coin. Zanu PF and MDC/CCC have exploited this weakness in the populous so the latter has participated in flawed elections to give the former legitimacy for a share of the gravy train seats.

Chamisa and company's lip-service to reforms have become so bold and daring they have been making some really foolish claims such as plugging all vote rigging loop holes to stop rigging knowing fully well the voters will never pick it up. And, guess what, the voters are none the wiser even after 23 years of being conned!

So to answer your question, of course we can get competent leaders but they are not likely to be elected into office as long as we have an electorate so ignorant, naive and gullible they are certain to be swept off their feet by cheap promises and remain untouched by substance. After all the corrupt and incompetent leaders do not have to worry about delivering on their promises and so can afford to be prom the moon on a silver platter. The spicy the promises the more they will appeal to the empty heads.

The ancient Greeks were right, a healthy and functioning democracy demands an educated, knowledgeable and diligent electorate. The Zimbabwe electorate have been brainwashed by Zanu PF and MDC/CCC making them one of the most ignorant and stupid voters on earth.

 With such a brain-dead electorate it is no surprise Zimbabwe is a fail state. And, unless and until, something is done to educate the electorate, the country is certain to remain a failed state.

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