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Africa's future lies in its own hands

27 May 2024 at 19:59hrs | Views
President E.D. Mnangagwa's advice that Africans should utilize their own resources to sustain their livelihoods and avoid relying on foreign aid is a wise and timely move that all Africans should embrace and act upon.

In his address marking the 61st Africa Day commemorations, the President emphasized that the responsibility of developing the continent rests solely with its people. He urged Africans to harness their innate skillfulness and resilience, advocating for a united front in addressing local challenges through homegrown solutions.

Furthermore, the President encouraged Africans to strive for self-sufficiency in producing all essential products and goods used daily, without relying on external supplies from outside the continent.

Africa has long been perceived by the outside world as a continent in need, reliant on foreign aid. Its natural resources have been exploited, leaving the continent dependent on external support for survival. Therefore, President E.D. Mnangagwa's call for Africa to utilize its own resources to meet its daily needs is a welcome and timely idea that Africans should embrace and move away from foreign aid.

The African continent is endowed with vast natural resources, including fertile land for agriculture, untapped plantations, and an abundance of minerals such as iron, platinum, uranium, gold, and diamonds. Additionally, the Great Inga Dam in the DRC has the potential to generate electricity for the entire continent and beyond. Given these resources, it is perplexing that Africa would still rely on foreign aid. What is needed is expertise to harness these resources for the continent's benefit, as proposed by President Mnangagwa.

The United States of America's success was achieved through the unification of various states under a single governing authority. Similarly, President Mnangagwa's vision for Africa to utilize its own resources without relying on foreign aid is a call for African leaders to consider forming the United States of Africa.

The late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi consistently advocated for the formation of the United States of Africa during African Union meetings. He believed that African countries could wield significant influence if united politically and economically.

It is high time for African leaders to revisit Gaddafi's and President Mnangagwa's views and implement them. By forming the United States of Africa and utilizing their own resources to sustain their needs, African leaders can free the continent from foreign manipulation.

President Mnangagwa has initiated a crucial conversation by urging Africans to harness their resources for sustainability and independence from foreign aid. Now, it is incumbent upon African leaders to take action. Foreign aid has historically failed to benefit Africa, instead creating puppet leaders. African leaders must strive to end this cycle and achieve economic and political independence.

African leaders should prioritize President Mnangagwa's advice, shunning foreign aid and its strings, to ensure the continent's freedom from economic manipulation and puppet leadership. By doing so, Africa can unlock its full potential and become a self-sufficient, united, and prosperous continent.

Source - Tonderai Ndoro
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