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The Durban ghost, Sheila. Real or fake

27 May 2024 at 21:22hrs | Views
A few years back a number of people claimed to have seen ghostly Highway Sheila in the Chatsworth area, which she is said to haunt.

Legend had it she is a restless spirit who is often seen by motorists in the middle of the road signalling them to stop. One tale has it that a man stopped to give Highway Sheila a lift one chilly night and lent her his leather jacket. When he dropped her off, he forgot his jacket.

The next day, when he returned to her home to pick it up, the woman who answered the door told him Sheila had died many years before. Baffled, the man went to her grave and is said to have found his jacket lying on her tombstone.

Well my story with the famous Sheila is different. Some time back when I visited Durban and used the Highway, an Indian young lady appeared wearing a wedding dress. What amazed me is that she was twerking, I thought maybe she is selling. But why wear a wedding dress? I pass her and in few seconds she screams, "Ngizokunika yona yonke nama spice". Hawu!! She even speaks isiZulu.

I reverse the car, "Malin wena Naidoo?" I ask.
"Le bitso laka ke Sheila and nkaofa kuku lede spice bra yaka"
Now I was more amazed, she even speaks the Pretoria lingo.

I give her a lift and question her about the dress, she tells me that she likes to role play and she wants to act as a wife to her clients. She then told me that we can go to her place so she can give me Indian food.

But the shock was when I woke up in an old woman's room in the morning, when we both screamed hard and she threatened to call the police thinking I was a rap!st.

I explained to her how I ended up in her room , "I know Sheila, she is part of this family. She committed suicide on that road when it was her wedding day."

I never went to KZN again after this incident with Sheila

Source - Erick Matotoba
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