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Ramaphosa's ANC has not learnt from history

14 Jun 2024 at 13:23hrs | Views
In 2018, ANC chose Cyril Ramaphosa as President because they believed that white capital liked him and thus he would attract western investment into the country. However, things did not quite go according to that plan.

Instead, what we saw was Cyril's benefactors: the Oppenheimers (Anglo), Koos Bekker (Naspers), and Rupert's divesting from South Africa, externalizing over R2 trillion, deindustrializing the country, sabotaging the rand and dropping South Africa's GDP growth to its lowest level in democratic history, to below 1% in 2023.

All this happened on the backdrop of black-controlled economies like Ethiopia, growing at over 7% year-on-year, Ethiopian Airways became Africa's biggest airline with a revenue of over US$6.1 billion, while SAA was sabotaged by whites, illustrating clearly that black controlled African economies are more viable.

Now, the ANC has opted, once again, for a coalition with the DA, in the hope that this would bring investment into the country. They have failed to realize that the DA-run Western Cape has the highest murder rate and the worst slums in Africa, precisely because the same Boer government [of second-class Dutch Frenchmen who are not even accepted by fellow Europeans] has failed to attract investment from the west for their own province from which black executives mass migrate.

Furthermore, the ANC has failed to accept that the agenda of the white business community is to remove ANC and black rule by collapsing the economy, destroying parastatals, sabotaging the rand and ensuring that South Africa fails totally under ANC rule, to make way for white rule.

It is for this reason that no matter what kind of an alliance the ANC creates, white capital will continue its austerity measures on South Africa until the ANC has lost sufficient power for the DA and their black surrogates to take control of South Africa.

According to Rob Hersov in his last Biznews interview with Alec Hogg, ANC should have gotten 33% of the vote in this election, and he forecasts that they should be totally destroyed by 2029, to make way for the DA and its partners to form a coalition that will see Musi Maimane as the token President.

The problem with our black leaders is that they live in Ivory Towers where they do not pay attention or think tank with other black thinkers, to scenario plan and create a long-term plan for the black agenda, as the whites are doing.

Because if they did, they would pay more attention to the likes of Rob Hersov, who is far from being a CLOWN, but, in fact, he is a genius who is part of the white global elite that is strategizing the long-term vision for a white controlled South Africa, and Rob is the megaphone that is psychologically conditioning minds to acquiesce to the plan.

If the ANC was workshopping, they would not be under the mindless illusion that white capital is going to inject money into South Africa to create jobs, make parastatals functional again, to revive them from their political deathbed, just because they are in bed with the DA.

They would also fully appreciate that white capital's agenda is to destroy the economy, bankrupt their government, buy up parastatals and this will handicap the ANC by taking away the very tools that Europe used to reconstruct itself after WW2 and the apartheid government used to industrialize South Africa to drag the Afrikaner out of poverty.

There is no way white capital will invest in the South African economy in the next five years, to rescue and revive ANC, after they [white capital] spent the past ten years destroying, sabotaging and deindustrializing the economy.

It would be foolhardy for highly militarized white supremacist order to resuscitate an enemy that they have incapacitated, especially if such an enemy is too foolish to unite with its own, to revive itself by the only means open to it: land reform and radical black transformation.

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