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Mnangagwa blew the chance

04 Jul 2024 at 15:20hrs | Views
"The voice of the people is the voice of God." That was the biggest statement given by President Emmerson at his inauguration in November 2017 in Harare, soon after the coup.

Everybody supported Mnangagwa, including myself. People were just tired of Robert Mugabe and wanted a change and to see the country moving forward despite their political affiliations.

All progressive people marched for a big change and wanted Mugabe to go.

All Emmerson Mnangagwa was supposed to do was call for talks with all political parties, including churches and all stakeholders, and have a dialogue on how to move the country.

People were very ready to share and marinate their ideas for the good of the country.

A lot of Zimbabweans across the country thought President Mnangagwa was going to do much better than his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe.

The coup had everyone excited, good or bad; it was a miraculous transition. Transition is the key plan. Everybody was so excited that Mugabe was leaving the high office.

Mnangagwa was in a good transition at the time, and he could have done much better. Today we see the wheels of the economy starting to fall off under Mnangagwa.

Today, President Mnangagwa is failing to confront issues to do with corruption and constitutionalism. His government is harbouring criminals who are always circling around him.

He has dismally failed to restore faith and confidence in the judiciary, where we have witnessed the law being applied selectively. Zimbabwe, under Mnangagwa, has failed to seize its rightful place on the global stage.

Of late, we have also seen President Mnangagwa stifling and choking the democratic space. The opposition is seen as an enemy of the state and cannot breathe under his government.

The incessant erosion of trust in democratic institutions is a cause for concern across the country, and by so doing, we are creating a vacuum that will be hard to fill in the near future.

Mnangagwa, as the second president of the country, failed to reinvigorate faith in democracy. He failed to unite the masses and to uphold the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability. This calls for electoral reforms that will ensure a free and fair election. His mission to keep holding Zimbabweans at ransom till 2030 must be rejected by all progressive Zimbabweans.

X: @Leokoni

Source - Leonard Koni
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