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Some of the Zimbabwe opposition problems have nothing to do with Zanu-PF

09 Jul 2024 at 07:41hrs | Views
IT'S a no secret that the opposition is giving Zanu-PF political oxygen and this alone proves that the current opposition is incapable of dislodging Zanu-PF from power.
Yes, we need to unravel the truth and not to promote wrongdoing in the name of democracy, which is not in their political textbook.
Who is fooling who? Where does the opposition stand exactly? Promoting autocratic leadership and ideas? Citizens are being taken for granted. What a paradox!
The deep-rooted confusion that is being witnessed in the opposition ranks is a clear testimony that it is unlikely to change the  political narrative in the near future.
How many Citizens Coalition for Change factions do we have at the moment?
Which is the real one or the fake opposition party?
They have been tearing each other apart for decades.

Instead of fighting for the poor masses who are struggling to make ends meet, the political elite have been fighting for party positions.
What a disgrace!
But what went wrong? The time is ripe for us to ask genuine questions.
Why can't they put their house in order now?

I am not saying Zanu-PF is perfect, we all know that it has its own shortcomings, but I am simply saying some of the problems in the opposition corridors have nothing to do with Zanu-PF.
Frankly, I want to urge the opposition leaders to bury the  hatchet and up their political game as a matter of urgency.
If they fail to do so now, they must forget about winning the 2028 elections.
We will be talking the same old story again.
Simply put, a weak and disjointed opposition is a blessing to Zanu-PF.
It is the naked truth that without a strong opposition party, the Zanu-PF-led government has no incentive to be accountable to the public, leading to corruption and poor governance.
In this vein, lack of debate and criticism from a "strong opposition" party may limit the range of ideas and policies considered by the ruling party, leading to groupthink and less creative problemsolving.
In contrast, the opposition leaders must not sanitise failures and put all the blame on Zanu-PF.
What's their plan? What's their next move? What is in  store for us? What does tomorrow hold?

Surely, the citizens have been thrown to the wolves.
To be honest, we now need a vibrant opposition party in Zimbabwe.
It is not untrue that we are being led by sellouts and cashvists who prioritise their pockets at the expense of the long-suffering citizens.
It is quite evident that the majority of opposition leaders have gone to bed with Zanu-PF.
So what do we expect? Their contribution to the development of the nation is next to zero.

Criticising Zanu-PF on social media is what they are good at and the current crop of opposition leaders is part of the problem.
 We are doomed. I can safely say we are on our own.

In conclusion, we are tired of the same old scripts.

Source - Terrence Mwedzi
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