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Election Time: Tsvangirai moves first

29 May 2013 at 12:56hrs | Views
It was reported that Mr Tsvangirai was attempting to lure Dr Dabengwa and in the not so distant past, Dr Dabengwa was reported to have berated the securocrates for not respecting Tsvangirai and threatening not to respect the will of the people if Tsvangirai wins.

Some people were livid at Dr Dabengwa's defence of Tsvangirai and were quick to remind Tsvangirai that he can not trust Dabengwa as Dr Dabengwa has in the past made it clear that his support for MAVAMBO was an attempt to thwart Tsvangirai's chances in the last general elections.

The same people who accused Dabengwa acted like jilted wives, they wanted Prof Welshman Ncube and his MDC to be the ones in negotiations with Tsvangirai.

Someone in Tsvangirai's camp is a political genius, but I will expose his or her plans right here. Tsvangirai's approach is like a double edged sword, it cuts on both sides,  their aims are very clear, their goal are to recapture the constituency of Matebeleland and Midlands which they have lost through negligence, they will use whatever means, fair or foul. In endeavours to recapture, they want to do it in a number of ways, first, which is their major aim is to form an alliance with the MDC led by Prof Ncube, however, they are aware that straight negotiations will not work because the MDC led by Ncube has gained so much support in Matebeleland, Midlands and Mashonaland East.

This support base makes it hard for MDC to be persuaded to form an alliance with Tsvangirai. The MDC won quite a sizeable number of seats in the last general elections when it was weaker than what it is today and therefore by extrapolation it is clear that if things stand as they are the MDC will sweep the whole of Matebeleland, sweep the whole of Midlands and win a hand full of seats in Masvingo and Mashonaland East. The MDCT wants to destroy this support base, or to shake it to a stage when the MDC will start doubting its chances. Secondly, they want to destroy the MDC led by Welshman Ncube.

The negotiations with Dr Dabengwa's ZAPU is one of those efforts of destabilising the MDC support base and to send a clear message that the NDCT will stop at nothing in its efforts to destabilise and destroy the MDC if the MDC does not want to succumb to its bully tactics
 Tsvangirai is not intending the end result to be an MDCT-ZAPU alliance, but what what he really want or envisaging is to scare the MDC, so that when they approach it, the MDC will be weakened and willing to negotiate.

However, if the MDC does not move from its principled stand, Tsvangirai will be prepared to go all the way and form an alliance with ZAPU. Tsvangirai is aware that even though ZAPU is not that strong at the moment, however, it has a lot of good will in Matebeleland and Midlands and if ZAPU is supported financially to mount proper campaign, the MDC will be dwarfed within a very short period of time and the MDCT-ZAPU team will surely win the whole of Matebeleland and Midlands.

The danger for Tsvangirai is here, it is most likely that Dr Dabengwa will accept all the campaign support but at the last minute he will jump ship and join hands with his homeboy- Ncube. The DD-Ncube alliance will be a formidable force in Matebeleland and it can not be defeated.

The danger for DD is that Tsvangirai will dump him at the 11th hour and go with Ncube's MDC, but worse still; the MDCT may opt to go with Zanu-PF.

These are interesting political times, we will wait and see who out smart all of them as it stand right now, the Ncube led MDC has an uphill task to climb, all odds are against them, but they are known for their fortitude and foresight, we shall see.

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Source - Thulani Nkala
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