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'I have never asked to be the first VP,' Welshman Ncube snaps

11 Jul 2013 at 06:22hrs | Views
I have NOT at any time asked to be first Vice President in the so called grand coalition. I have NOT asked for any position in that grand coalition. I have no issues with Khupe being first or second or 3rd vice president or whatever else she might want to be in that coalition. I have no interest whatsoever in that grand coalition. I don't want any position in it. Never will. I have NOT spoken nor will I speak to anyone in that coalition.

All you have to do is to read the abusive, disrespectful, vile, evil, intolerant, undemocratic, vitriolic, tribalistic and hurtful posts by MDC-T and grand coalition supporters in this and other similar threads to realize that these people are only hypocritical opponents of ZANU-PF. The harder they appear to oppose ZANU-PF, the more they exhibit every vice we know to be a characteristic of the ZANU-PF DNA.

This is exactly the reason we will never be part of a grand coalition which opposes ZANU-PF only in name when in fact it has the same DNA as ZANU-PF. Let them not under estimate our unshakable resolve to stand up against ZANU-PF in ALL its manifestations. The insults, the abuse, the naked exhibition of the ZANU-PF DNA in the attacks on us merely serve to nourish our resolve to stand up against intolerance, evil, tribalism, injustice and spiteful politics. If we give in now to the evil politics, all the years of relentless abuse when unspeakable injustices have been done to us would have been in vain.

We will stand up against mob intimidation, against injustice, against discrimination, against being treated as second class citizens and hurtful politics with the stubborn resilience they have never seen.

To those members and supporters of the MDC who are familiar with the unnegotiable values and principles we stand for and for which we are prepared to die if need be,

I say do not despair in the face of the relentless attacks on us, the collective leadership of the MDC will NEVER betray you! DEVOLUTION IS OUR NEW REVOLUTION! We will not yield.
Source - Welshman Ncube
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