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Tekere absent in Planet Gliese, but Gukurahundi victims there!

05 Dec 2013 at 03:29hrs | Views
After Gukurahundi, I see no sin in any country working on ousting President Mugabe. God knows the groaning of a healthy man bound in wire and set on fire by Gukurahundi in front of his children in 1983.

By the way! Think deeper than just deep.

There is a Planet that Scientists discovered which they say could hold life. This planet is called Gliese 581 c (Please research) The planet is 22light years away from Earth.

The God of heavens, who chooses to be doubted so that a distinction between the faithful and the doubtful is clear, made sure that these life holding planets remain far from man as God himself is. God created an atmosphere of doubt so that evil men can kill and take joy and assume that God does not exist. God let Gukurahundi happen but the victims of Gukurahundi are laughing and enjoying an upgraded complex life in Planet Gliese.

Scientists, not religious men, say the Planet Gliese has three suns and my old church hymn book says there is no night in heaven. The coincidence of Gliese having three suns as scientist claim and a hymn that was composed before Gliese was discovered means there is more to mystery than imagination can picture.

People who were taken from their homes while working hard to provide for their children in 1983 and killed brutally by Gukurahundi must truly have been transferred to planet Gliese by the God of secrecy. There are so many Planets in other Galaxies outside our own and I believe God grades us into categories according to how we behaved during our life on Earth. I believe the evil people like Gukurahundi and their handlers have a planet very close to the sun like Mercury where they will be burnt for thousands of years feeling the pain of fire that we feel on Earth. These sinners will not die on that fire but will burn and feel the pain for thousands of years.

It is not only the Gukurahundi but also the wives of Gukurahundi leaders who spend a life of refusing to condemn the sinful acts by their husbands. The card carrying members of a party that kills people and causes suffering of masses are fuel of evil of which evil has no fuel if these members were not there.

The fuel of evil will suffer eternal punishment in Planet Mercury right close to the sun. Their blood and bodily material will provide fuel for the perpetual burning of Planet Mercury.

If God is not a liar, then it means I am not wrong because God says he will burn evil people in hell. A country like Zimbabwe has people who have nothing and yet the armed perpetrators of Gukurahundi have lost count of how many properties they have stolen from the masses. They buy properties abroad and send their children abroad for education. They order breakfast from the West and lunch from the East while they keep armed Police to silence the hungry.They access health care abroad while making sure that the poor masses who can't go abroad can't even access the basics of health care.

If God does not lie, it means I am not lying that men are born naked and men live and accumulate wealth and men die and get buried naked. If the method of accumulating wealth is evil, then Planet Mercury is waiting to burn evil as the truthful God says he will burn the evil.

"God shall wipe away all tears" goes the old song whose every line describes Planet Gliese.

Anyone who has heard of people being burnt alive by Gukurahundi and is voting the architects of Gukurahundi will be fuel for Planet Mercury if God does not lie. If God says the sun shall rise and the sun rises, if God says the sun shall set and it sets, if God says men shall not live for ever and men die, if God says a child shall be born every second on Earth and children are born, if God says knowledge will increase and I see new mobile phones, if God says even strong and powerful men like Gadaffi shall die and Gadaffi is killed, if God says even Hitler shall die and Hitler is now skeleton, if God says Britain shall not act like god of Planet Earth for ever and David Cameroon is begging Chinese for aid, If God says a beautiful Girl in the movie Titanic shall end up as old as the lady in that movie, if God says Ian Smith will not call Black people baboons for ever, if God says even the feared Pik Botha will be humbled, if God says Marilyn Monroe will end up a skeleton.... then God must be true to say those who support evil shall be burnt on perpetual fire.

One does not have to kill to be a Gukurahundi, one becomes a Gukurahundi if his political affiliation is fuelling the institution that formed Gukurahundi.

God who does not lie then says he will reward the sinless victims who are also told not to seek revenge for themselves.

I am of belief that the victims of Gukurahundi and victims of all evil are in Gliese. I am not left with any doubt that God does not lie. I am left surely convinced that these fingers of mine will be a clean white skeleton 100 years from today. I am fully convinced that it is my choice where I want to go and I am given a chance to doubt or be faithful, a chance to choose where I wish my soul to spend trillions of years long after my bones are wasted as skeleton.

I am left asking if at all I am cleverer or wiser or richer than Hitler, Saddam Husein, Ian Smith, Cecil John Rhodes, Chenjerai Hunzvi, Mohammed Gadhaffi, Edgar Tekere, Mombutu Sese seko, Bernito Mussolini, General Walls, and many others who are still alive and still propelling evil against humanity.

"What benefit is it for man to spend a life of evil creating wealth and yet die and be buried naked and empty?"

Do Hitler's Children enjoy the hard work of their father? What about Saddams' or Gaddafis'? Whose children will successfully inherit evil and prosper? Why would a man choose to live an evil life and sire children who will suffer alone when their evil parent is gone? Is there any child who truly wants to be known as the daughter of Osama Bin Laden? Are they happy children? Why are the children of the poor and dead parents happier, loved and free? Why are children of evil parents hiding away from being identified as their children? And why does the World hate them?


The God who is true to making the sun rise from the East and set in the West is also equally true to say he will burn evil and its fuel. Whose fuel do I wish to be?   

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Source - Rakanga Danble
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