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Black domination ruining Zimbabwe

17 Dec 2013 at 01:55hrs | Views
Powerful and honest tribute by a party that shares values and dedication with Mandela's party. There are only a few honest men in this World and indeed in Zimbabwe.

If Zimbabwe had more honest and unselfish leaders, our country would be one of the best in the World.

Original Revolution African Parties in 1957 wanted Black oppressed people to be given opportunity to unleash their full potential gainfully and on a fair play zone. These parties dreamt of an ideal country where tribe or race would not determine ones social limits if one's potential is accelerable.

They refused to model a party that looks at ones tribe.

Mandela's ANC won elections based of multi-tribal support base of the ANC and that strength is mature and practical in South Africa. Zapu, in Zimbabwe, had the same model of multi-tribal composite Zimbabweans but was poisoned by a Mozambiquean based tribal party which even today suppresses people on grounds of tribe.

 If you go to Venda in South Africa, you will speak to Venda Police in Venda language and Venda teachers teach Venda in Venda schools.

If you go to Zululand in South Africa, you will speak to Zulu Police in Zulu language and Zulu teachers teach Zulu language in Zulu schools.

If you go to a tribally led Zimbabwe, you will speak Shona language to Shona Police in Ndebele country of Bulawayo and Shona teachers teach Ndebele children in Ndebele schools.

You go to Shona places in Zvimba, Shona Police speak Shona language to Shona villagers and Shona teachers teach Shona language to Shona children.

You go to National Identity Documents Facility at Makombe house in Harare. Ndebele villagers travel 400KM from Lupane to apply for children identity documents and should speak in Shona to Shona officials in a free and diverse Zimbabwe.

This does not happen in South Africa. A Zulu will not be expected to speak Venda in order to get an I.D.

These are the vestiges of my beloved country which Zapu and ANC identified in 1957 and put together contingencies to curb such careless temptations.

It is an offence to say this in a tribally charged country like Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans, Shona majority hailed Zimbabwean Independence victory as a Shona victory in 1980 and thought that the country would prosper by placing one man of a chosen tribe above the other of a lesser tribe. That was a colossal mistake which ANC REFUSED to incubate as long ago as in 1912.

ANC knew from 1912 that South Africa is a Rainbow Nation with multiple tribes unlike Swaziland where only the Swazi tribe live. ANC and Zapu had studied what happens in other liberated Africa countries if tribe is used as qualification for opportunity. Zapu and ANC knew as long back as in 1957 that tribal politics has no boundaries. At first, the idealised boundary can be set to Shona against Ndebele. But once that boundary is created, the next other boundary keen boundary is Karanga versus Zezuru. Due to a natural limit of resources to be shared, that boundary will have to be narrowed to Mugabe surnames versus the Mujuru surnames.

These are the FORESEEN temptations that prompted the great commander of joint operations of Umkhonto Wesizwe and Zipra, Nelson Rolinhlanhla Mandela to say "I HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST BLACK DOMINATION AND I HAVE FOUGHT AGAIST WHITE DOMINATION".

Placing one tribe above the other looks brilliant in the disfigured eyes of a blind leader, but it is the results that are worrisome. Today after 33 years of created Shona superiority over the Ndebele, it is no longer a Shona Ndebele confined boundary. It has reached its natural maturity and narrowed down to Zezuru against the Karanga with the Zezuru claiming a win over the Karanga.

 In just a few years to come, this will further naturally narrow down to Mujuru family against the Mugabe family. Zimbabwe is not unique and will decay in the same poison that consumed our Northern neighbours. We had an opportunity to learn from mistakes of others by being one of the last to attain Independence but we were stigmatised by tribal temptations.

  After Mugabe's death, Mujuru will take over, they are both Zezuru but Mugabe's children and wife will lobby the Nation to treat them as Royals ahead of Mujuru since Mugabe made himself a Royal. Mujuru will argue that she is the President and hence a Royal since Mugabe made himself Royal during his term as President. All those dynamics eat Zimbabwe's potential in the family of Nations.

 We accepted in 1980 to be graded and narrowed into paddocks of tribe and we thought we would be a great Nation. Tekere was in the front thinking about the word Shona only and forgetting that the Shona word is not constrained but loose and can further see him degraded as a Manyika type of Shona which is not Zezuru type. Tekere died sorry and outside the bracket of Royalt. We refused as a Nation to learn from countries which made these mistakes earlier than us in 1959 in Congo (Patrice Lumumba), Ghana (Nkhwame Nkruma)

The Karanga and Mnagagwa thought triumph over the Ndebele was the best thing a Karanga could have in 1980. Today, 32 years after Joshua Nkomo warned about it, Mnangagwa the chief Karanga is humiliated by Zezurus who join hands to prop Zezuru Mujuru to take over after Zezuru Mugabe.

Karanga Mnangagwa today has been cheapened and is like Zapu's Sydney Malunga of 1982. The politics of tribal suppression is not sustainable in any country in the World and one would expect an educated country like Zimbabwe to know that ahead of less educated South Africans.

 What is education for? Is it not of use to research and strategize on policies that are of National benefits? Does the closure of companies in Matebeleland not affect the weight of a child meal in Zvimba? Did the exiling of disgruntled Ndebele Doctors and Nurses in Bulawayo not affect the smooth expertise running of all Zimbabwean medical network such that the President has to rely on foreign medication?

Does the failure of a Ndebele child to read and write not affect the ability of Zimbabwe as a country to create inventors of Engineering solutions to our country? In a country run on grounds of tribe, does it not create an angry Nation which needs more brutal Police to suppress angry citizens? How much do those Police need to earn? Where does the Government source the money to finance tribal-suppression Police? Would it not be cheaper and wealthier if there were no tribes to suppress and all Zimbabweans equal and those educated Police were used as Engineers, Doctors, Business proprietors and economic drivers? How much would there be to loot from if our country had not been broken down by primitive cheap tribal politics?

Zimbabwe is rich in materials. Most of the Police who are used as defenders of Zanu policy of tribal suppression would be manufactures.

 Sand, a simple product that we always step on in Zimbabwe, is heated up by coal energy, which is abundant in Whange, to make semiconductors which make Solar panels.

 The skill, effort, risk and power spent on suppressing the Nation on ground of tribe by educated ZRP is less than the skill, effort, risk and power needed to manufacture Solar Panels.

 Solar technology can be used to drive cars in Zimbabwe because of the amount of sun power we have. This technology can't be used in UK, China or USA because of less sun hours.

Zimbabwe will not make any progress in discovering its own solutions to its own problems because unless it is a Zezuru who has found out a solution, the tribe drunk authority will not finance such a project. Instead, those few Zezurus who are closest to the Royal will have money to import Mono-Crystalline Solar panels from "OUR EDUCATED FRIENDS" in China.

Zimbabwe is too educated to be this poor, this dull, this primitive. Zimbabwe has so many minerals and materials to use for its own home-driven civilisation to improve the standards of our people. But, most of those who can do these projects fear that since I they are not Zezuru, what would happen if they were to establish a Manufacturing Company in Bulawayo and the Zezuru Government taxes them so hard that they give up the business to Zezuru Chiyangwas? Is it not wiser for such skilled Zimbabweans to start their own Manufacturing companies in UK or South Africa where tribe does not limit one's potential?

Who would trust Gono's type with money if he is not Zezuru?

Most of us bought trucks from UK 2003 hoping to empower our country. In my case, my truck was held at Beightbridge for seven months not because I had no money but because I am not Zezuru. I challenge anyone to explain otherwise. I had gone to Zimbabwe expecting to establish a business and run it from UK where there is enough capital power. My Karanga surname got my truck stuck until I was forced to sell it to a Zezuru. I know it is an offence to say this, but ask yourself, even if I keep quite, will that make me invest in Zimbabwe under a tribally minded Government? Am I alone and an isolated case?

How long will it take for Zimbabweans to realise that Zapu policies that worked as ANC policies were well researched and did not permit our two sister countries to base our existence on tribe?


Let the next leader of Zimbabwe learn to practise Zapu and ANC policies before ever trying. Zanu will never learn. They believe Mbuya Nehanda created the Chinese for them and that Mbuya Nehanda will deliver pure diesel from granite stones. Traditional belief is good but it could stall civilisation at the dire expense of our children.

When you hear about elections next time, think about the dreams and aspirations of Zapu and ANC in 1957 and look at what happened in South Africa when the Nation chose Composite ANC against tribal Inkatha Freedom Party. Think about Zanu and what it has produced by pushing the Zezuru superiority over the dreams of a prosperous Zimbabwe. Think about MDC-T and its behaviour siding with Mugabe and calling the Ndebele Termites. Look at Tsvangirai the shamed Karanga and look at Mnangagwa the shamed Karanga and look at Tekere the shamed Manyika and think about how perfect Zapu, like ANC would have made Tsvangirai, Tekere, Dabengwa, Ncube proud like Mandela, Zuma Mbeki and even De-Kleck?

Imagine how Zapu with it's ANC would have distributed land between Whites and Black equitably as it had promised? Imagine how much progress would have happened in Mutare City, Gweru City, Gwanda, Shurugwi, Bulawayo, Masvingo, KweKwe, Harare, Victoria Falls and Plumtree?

"I HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST BLACK DOMINATION AND I HAVE FOUGHT AGAIST WHITE DOMINATION". Rest in Peace Mandela and Joshua Nkomo. Your foresights were noble, selfless, and perfect.

I wish Zimbabwe could have a composite leader who vomits in the presence of tribal Science. A leader who bears kiss-marks of the Tonga, Kalanga, Ndau, Fengu, Manyika, Karanga, Venda, Ndebele, English, Asian, Chinese, Shona, Shangani,Zezuru, Chewa, Nambya or Korekore. I wish we would have a Mandela or another Joshua Nkomo.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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