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Zapu Unity message to the people of Zimbabwe

20 Dec 2013 at 05:48hrs | Views
Every year Zimbabweans purportedly celebrate Unity Day on the 22nd of December. This day was set aside as a day where an unpalatable unity accord is said to have been signed.

This years' Unity Day is celebrated riding high on three major events, the referendum, the new constitution and harmonised elections. It should be noted that these historic events in the history of Zimbabwe, have nothing to show for the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe.

The people's vote was stolen and human rights abuses continue unabated, Zimbabweans are still subjected to black domination by a corrupt Zanu-PF grouping. After winning a super-majority, the Zanu-PF group has no clue on the future of Zimbabweans.

The people are therefore reminded that our late great leader, Dr Joshua Nkomo, was coerced into the Unity Accord, after the slaughtering of more than 20 000 ZAPU supporters with the intention of eliminating ZAPU from the political landscape of Zimbabwe and paving way for a one party state based on ethnocentric ideology. It was in this regard that ZAPU went into this unity arrangement to save lives.

In the Unity Accord, ZAPU had hoped to see the consolidation of unity of the people and building a broad based democratic state. Unfortunately, Zanu Pf created a platform of disunity, where they failed to uphold the values of the liberation struggle, continued with human rights abuses, sustained corruption, and cronyism and partisanship status. It also treated ZAPU partners as second class citizens. Zanu-PF had become the enemy of the enemy of the people that it so richly deemed to represent. Under these circumstances ZAPU members felt compelled to withdraw from the Unity Accord.

ZAPU declares that the Unity Accord is a nullity and it does not uphold the diversity it so claims. For those that are still partaking and dining with Zanu Pf are doing it on their own accord and serving their self interests.

ZAPU notes that Zimbabweans have nothing to show for the purported unity, except, poverty, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, partisanship and black on black domination by a few elitist Zanu-PF thugs.

It is therefore in this regard that ZAPU calls upon the people of Zimbabwe to consolidate national unity of people regardless of political affiliation to reinforce a nationhood and respect for a democratic state.

We henceforth quote Doctor Joshua Nkomo in his report to the Central Committee in 1984, "We believe ZANU leadership today is concerned with only one matter, that is of maintaining themselves power. It is this obsession which is causing this government to lead Zimbabwe into one tragic crisis after another."

Those with ears let them hear.

Masimba kumatunhu.    
Amandla ezabalweni
Devolution of power, is the answer

Dr Dumiso Dabengwa

Source - Inserted by the Secretary for Information, Publicity and Marketing
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