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'Obscene salary earners must be hanged'

30 Jan 2014 at 11:06hrs | Views
The call by Professor Jonathan Moyo, the Media, Information and Broadcasting Minister to subject abusers of public funds and assets at Zimbabwe broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to the wrath of the law is welcome and prudent. It is quite sad to note that few individuals put conceited effort to run-down the national broadcaster so that they could amass personal wealth.

However, it is equally amazing and disgusting to realize that this rot went on for so long unchecked. Where were the responsible government officials or minister (s) who are supposed to keep continual monitoring of these national strategic organisatins? Certainly the nation cannot allow this decadence to proceed unbridled.

All those in the pipe-line of such rot should be exposed now, and compelled to account transparently to the nation which funds these national corporations through their taxes and/or licence fees. Surely the population is waiting anxiously to see the corrupt elements put under the grill and their ultimate subjection to the guillotine to cut their long tails of contempt to national interest.

The pending incisive investigations into ZBC top-management dealings should be accelerated so that the national broadcaster restores what it rightly deserves from its thoughtless abusers. We are curious to see a prospering ZBC after the sacking of the rotten eggs.

I wish if our laws on corruption are stringent to match the Chinese system where corrupt officials are hanged or send for life imprisonment. This is certainly a commensurate punishment with someone who embezzles public funds from strategic national utilities which are designed to serve the rest of the population.

The actual intention of such abusive people is to create artificial problems which will be blamed on government for no apparent reason. Everyone should be bound by the aspect of citizenship, where everyone is expected to serve his/her nation in a patriotic manner ensuring that we perpetrate the continuity of the nation state. It is the natural responsibility of every citizen to defend and protect Zimbabwe's interests at all costs with no form of coercion exerted. In return, the state has the prerogative responsibility to protect everyone who falls under it.

Therefore, corrupt officials create discordance in the manner in which the state operates. The state is endowed with powers to employ punitive measures to deal expeditiously against any errant citizen who violates national security of the whole nation. This is the time to restore sanity at ZBC.

This should be extended to all other arms of government which are officialising corruption. The source of comfort at the moment is that, The Office of the President and Cabinet is working on regularizing the salaries and benefits of all executives for parastatals. We are quite confident that this would yield the preferable results. It is everyone's hope that salaries will be tagged based on the prevailing macro-economic environment.

Viva Professor Moyo!

We are hotly behind you!

Catch the thieves now!

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