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Welshman Ncube Carrying Nation's Hopes

19 Mar 2014 at 22:36hrs | Views
Flamboyant, pompous and ambitious MDC-T leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is politically dead and those blindly following him can do so at their own risk.
He is someone who can indicate right but end up turning left.
What is now certain is that there will be a change of government in 2018 and those thinking that Tsvangirai will one day rule Zimbabwe are living in a fools territory.
Zanu pf days are numbered and Morgan Tsvangirai's empire is crumbling.
Our hope as Zimbabweans is in Welshman Ncube to take Zimbabwe to Canaan the home of milk and honey.
It is unfortunate that the blind and easily cheated Deborah Broonert believes that Morgan Richard Tsvangirai will none day go to state house.
That will only happen over our dead bodies not when some of us serious Zimbabweans are still living.
Zanu pf will never be allowed to rule Zimbabweafter Mugabe with or without the army.
I personally predict a Welshman Ncube led government in 2018.Accusations leveled against Professor Welshman Ncube by pro zanu and Mdct shenanigans are baseless and at times stupid.
Morgan Tsvangirai does not carry our hopes as Zimbabweans at all and those funding him can silently continue doing so at their own peril not to think that  when they are giving money to Tsvangirai as an individual they are promoting democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe.Thats absolute Nonsense by day dreamers .
We do not need his leadership at all,we no longer need his leadership style.Giving us Tsvangirai is as bad as giving us another Bishop Abel Muzorewa to lead us.
We are going to stand by Mdc leader Professor Welshman Ncube today and tomorrow,with or without money the man will take over power from Robert Mugabe.
Both Emmerson Munangagwa and Joyce Mujuru are not in our plans as Zimbabweans.
Welshman Ncube is currently carrying our hopes as Zimbabweans not Tsvangirai. Gugugu MagoriraZvishavane

Source - Gugugu Magorira
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