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Where Does Matebeleland Stand in the Succession Race?

07 May 2014 at 18:45hrs | Views

Looking at events in Zimbabwe and what the near future likely holds for this country, one is forced to begin asking themselves some serious questions concerning our future and destiny as a people. Much as many of us may hate Zanu PF with a passion, we also need to be realistic enough to accept that we cannot wish it away from the political landscape of Zimbabwe. It is still a formidable force, which makes its succession race of key interest to the people of Matebelel (oops, of Bukalanga).

From the look of things, it seems that the Karanga people (both in Maswingo and the Midlands) are generally aligning themselves with the Emerson Mnangagwa faction (Mnangagwa is a Karanga from the Midlands). Rumor has it that this faction has a plan of moving the Capital City of the country to Kwekwe from Harare (or is it Zwimba?) once it takes over power from the Zezuru establishment currently fronted by Mugabe, his deputy Joyce Mujuru and many of the holders of top posts in various arms of state such as the Courts, Police, Prisons, Airforce, the RBZ, etc.

What Happens Post-Mugabe?

Of key interest is what happens post-Mugabe. Many see the battle to succeed Mugabe by the alleged Mnangagwa and Mujuru factions as a mere race for political power. There could be no greater mistake than that. It is in reality a very serious ethnic battle, a Karanga versus Zezuru battle for control of state, and as a result, economic power.

Two scenarios may play out if anything happens that will remove Mugabe from the scene.

The first one is that the current lines of battle can rupture into open civil war (God forbid) as each faction seeks to outdo the other and emerge as the power holder. The second one is that the two factions can manage to negotiate a settlement which will see them share power and it's business as usual. From the look of things, it seems the first scenario is the most likely, although it may not be a total civil war.

The big question for Matebeleland (Bukalanga) is: in the event of an all out civil conflict, where will we stand? Will we stand with one faction, if so which one? Or will we stand aside and look and not participate in any way?

I suggest that much as we might hate Mnangagwa with a passion for his role in the Gukurahundi Genocide, we may be better off siding with his faction, of which the key strategist, who is rumored could take over as Vice President, is Jonathan Moyo. Believe it or not he would become, like Thabo Mbeki under Nelson Mandela, the de facto CEO of the country, and judging from the developments that he managed to bring to Tsholotsho in his previous term as Minister, we may stand to benefit from his power as a region.

Secondly, siding with the Karanga gives us better chances to a brighter future. Animosity between us and the Karanga is historically low as compared to the Gukurahundi master minds, the Zezurustani Zanu block. We stand a better chance of negotiating with the Karanga than we do with the Zezuru. But in addition to that, any move of the Capital City from Harare to the Midlands (Kwekwe) will so anger the Zezuru that they will quickly become key fighters for Devolution of Power, if not Federalism. With that, we still stand to benefit as we have always wanted Devolution and/or Federalism.

The question is: where do we stand as this Zanu succession race heats up? Of course, the assumption is that Zanu PF continues in power even in a post-Mugabe, era of which may God forbid.

Well, just thinking and hoping to provoke profitable debate amongst our people. Ndaboka. Ndaa.

Source - Dombolakona-Tjing'wango Dlembewu Moyo
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