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Welshman Ncube Remains Key Player in Zimbabwean Politics

10 Aug 2014 at 05:46hrs | Views
The fact that mdc president Professor Welshman Ncube is still on the political stage and has managed to keep his green team intact and focused at the same time changing strategies is clear indication of his capacity to guide Zimbabwe into the new era.

The mdc kept doors open to those who had strayed or misled into following some political clouts. There is a group of supporters that thought the 2013 election results indicated the end of the road for Professor Welshman Ncube and the green team yet it was the beginning of a fruitful and action packed journey to the liberation of our country Zimbabwe.

One point that cannot be contested by anyone today or tomorrow is the fact that Zimbabwe is still in a serious political crisis.

The Zanu pf regime has thrown the country into gauges down the hill where it will require real men(Amadoda sibili) to rescue it not self praising noise makers who have a history of pretending to be good Samaritans when in actual fact are the most evil flock armed with tickets to Lucifer's homestead. Zimbabwe is in a very serious crisis created by our brothers and sisters in Zanu pf.

Zanu pf's secret re-engagement with the west is not meant to rescue the country out of the mud but to perpetuate the man made crisis that has seen industry closing down,diamonds being looted,thousands being slaughtered with defeaning corruption hymns taking centre stage.

The clueless, tired and distructive Zanu pf government presided of the collapse of the once rosy and glittering southern African country called Zimbabwe.

 The mdc shall continue to partner like minded democrats in the event of the need to do so and shall not hesitate to engage any level headed Zimbabwean for solutions and strategies on the best way forward.

Zimbabwe is currently in the Intensive care unit and the responsibility of resuscitating it lies with the people of Zimbabwe not individuals and tired political institutions that have a history of lying, looting and m

The failure by the opposition political parties to sincerely engage each other presented an opportunity for President Mugabe and his party to retain control of the crisis ridden Zimbabwe. There is an urgent need for Zimbabweans to take charge of their destiny instead of living on singing and ululating for lying politicians.

The most important thing at this juncture is to abandon selfishness or a greedy approach to Zimbabwean politics if we want to deliver a vibrant Zimbabwe to the desperate and hungry citizenry. The future of Zimbabwe is not in the hands of Morgan Tsvangirai or Robert Mugabe or institutions that they work for.

Zimbabwe needs an honest assessment of its problems and a collective solution needs to be explored as a matter of urgency. President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu pf party no longer hold our future and non of them has a clue of the required rescue plan for Zimbabwe.

We have gone through tough times under Zanu pf,mass slaughter,hunger,violence,looting and abuse of authority by those connected to the system.

The coming together of democratic forces will create a new political dispensation for Zimbabwe raising the need for everyone to embrace the idea for purposes of speeding up Zimbabwe's political transformation for a brighter future.

Zimbabwe needs thorough cleansing and divine intervention to stop those in the corridors of power to abandon selfishness and greedy behaviour.

The Gukurahundi issue cannot be a closed chapter until we get satisfactory answers from the people who ordered the of over massacre over twenty thousand innocent Zimbabweans.

The statement given by the Zanu pf leader when he coerced Zapu members to sign a fake unity accord which they named a UNITY ACCORD was not convincing at all. In my view the Gukurahundi issue is still open and the correct medicine is required to heal the wounds.

The Movement for Democratic Change under the visionary leadership of Professor Welshman Ncube is pledging a peaceful, tolerant, democratic, fair and productive Zimbabwe. The mdc is a social democratic party with a desire to deliver a Zimbabwe with equal empowerment opportunities. Zanu pf's Zimasset is one of the many useless political documents like the Economic Adjustment Programme ESAP,Poverty Alleviation Action Plan,Zimbabwe Conference On Reconstruction and Development ZIMCORD and the Zimbabwe Programme for Economic and Social Transformation ZIMPREST and vision 2020.

Zimasset is a hollow document that will unlikely transform our miserable life styles.

Zanu pf has a bad tendency of forcing poor people to endorse bad and useless economic blueprints that have nothing for the people.

Zimbabwe needs to go through thorough cleansing and panel beating to enable it to attract foreign direct investment FDI.

The Zanu pf cobbled Indigenisation and economic empowerment programme is an anti people and anti investment policy which can only be understood by mad people and drunkards. There is nothing wrong with empowerment of the people as long as it is done transparently and genuinely. Economic empowerment for Zanu pf means unveiling opportunities to Zanu pf activists only.Opportunities are in the hands of the rich and politically powerful mostly those connected to Zanu pf.

Regime change is now a necessity if Zimbabwe is to move forward. War history and liberation war credentials are now being used to intimidate anyone with suggestions or knowledge for working strategies.

The Mdc is a social democratic party with able leadership and plan of action that will transform lives and communities.

We are a party that believes in team work and will not slam the door on advice and suggestions meant to move the country forward.

We are pledging victory to the hungry and democracy starved citizens in 2018. The mdc has a number of exciting programmes for its members and supporters. We are not going to forget or abandon our own brave and committed cadres who have sacrificed a lot for this party and our country Zimbabwe.

Kurauone Chihwayi Mdc Secretary for International Relations (writing in my personal capacity) contactable on

Source - Kurauone Chihwayi
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