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Mugabe using Youth Conference confusion to outwit and horse-whip opponents

11 Aug 2014 at 06:34hrs | Views
Mugabe should know that it is not all Zimbabweans who are naive and gullible. The country is facing serious economic hardships including soaring unemployment, no running water, 300 000 children have dropped out of school, etc. There are reports that Zanu PF has often failed to pay its party workers. Mugabe has conveniently ignored all these teething problems and jump on the food shortage at the party's conference as if all the other problems are no important. Why?

Mugabe wanted to be seen as superman stepping in to save the youth league conference and he sure made a big song and dance about it. He donates the maize, the cows for meat and milk for the delegates' tea. No doubt all the party youth delegates and every party member across the land who hears the story will be dually impressed and touched and, for a while at least, forget all the other teething national problems.

No doubt Mugabe would hope the people would expect his ministers, not him he cannot do everything, to follow his good example and solve the unemployment, water shortage, etc.! The less naïve and gullible voter like me would ask him to solve these problems too; after all, the regime has been sitting on these problems for 34 years as they got worse and worse.

Mugabe has destroyed the nation and his party, Zanu PF will never win free and fair elections because the ordinary Zimbabweans hate the party and what it has done to them with a burning passion. And yet within the party itself his hold on power has always remained unshaken regardless of the clear signs he was leading the party to self-distraction. He has managed to maintain the aura of the invincible master strategist often enhanced at critical moments by him making his follow party leaders look like the world's biggest losers! The Youth Conference is turning out to be one of those critical transformative moments turn Mugabe from the failed leader he is into the party's knight in shining armour at the expense of his fellow senior party leaders!

Mugabe is using food shortage at conference as a smokescreen to hide his horse whipping of all senior party officials back into line; solidly behind him.

In the past, he has used the white farm invasions as a smokescreen to hide the wanton violence against the opposition and their supporters and the nation at large to ensure Zanu PF election victories. The farm invasions always flared up just before the elections and would spread into rural areas and urban centres where opposition supporters are beaten, rape and some murdered for on the pretext that they supported the white farmers.

Mugabe the cunning fox drinking up stream is accusing the sheep downstream of fouling the water!

Mugabe knew there was going to be some resistance to his parachuting Grace into a powerful position in the party ahead of many other senior members. The worsening economic situation in the whole country is, of course, proof of his own failed leadership and thus making him weak. Throwing Grace in the mix made has made him look even weaker. He needed an excuse to deal his opponents a decisive blow before they made their move.

By stepping in and saving the Youth conference he has won himself the solid backing of the Youth League, has made the economic meltdown appear as if it is a storm in a tea-cup and, most important of all, he has cast all senior party members as incompetent up-starts who deserve to be whipped into line.

"I cannot have a central committee or even a politburo which is inept. No! Some of us have come a long way, we know what we were doing all the time," said superman Mugabe.

"I am seeing all that is happening, but when it comes to congress, don't cry."

All Zanu PF central committee and politburo members know Mugabe only too well to know they have once again been outmanoeuvred and that he has beaten them. Don't cry! He knows that many of them are crying already!

If only superman Mugabe could step in and end the economic meltdown by filling the ZimAsset begging bowl his continued rule and that of his wife after him would be assured. Sadly that is proving a bridge too far even for our seasoned foxed; after a year of frantic begging the bowl has remained mockingly empty.

Mugabe and Zanu PF's days in power are numbered because the economic meltdown cannot continue. The only way to end the economic meltdown is for the country to hold free, fair and credible elections in place of the rigged July 2013 elections. Zanu PF will never ever win free and fair elections.

The economic meltdown is so serious that this Zanu PF regime will certain not serve to the end of current electoral term, 2018. So Zanu PF members are fighting for position in a party that will be kicked out of office before long.    
After Mugabe outmaneuvered Dr Joshua Nkomo, his greatest political opponent by a long mile, Mugabe assumed the nickname Karigan'ombe (the artful bull-wrestler who floored the bull) PF Zapu's party symbol is the bull. Sadly the artful bull-wrestler has been floored by the humble begging bowl. Karin'ombe azorigwa nedemhe!

Source - Wilbert Mukori
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