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'Grace Mugabe a DISGRACE'

15 Aug 2014 at 06:45hrs | Views

The first lady told ZANU PF youths that were gathered at her farm in Mazowe that the president was once involved in a polygamous marriage. Of course all this was said in a desperate move to sanitise a not so clean life of hers, which lacks values.

Normally, we would not take what comes out of the first lady's mouth serious, because her propensity to deceit and violence knows no limits.

This is a woman who proudly glorified violence against a journalist on an international platform. Should she be awarded a medal for violently stopping a journalist from doing his job?

It was despicable and it offends one's sense of justice and equality to see a publicist dubbing as a journalist, Dali Tambo, encourage such violence from a woman whose husband has killed, jailed and exiled most of our country's journalists for simply doing their job.

The problem with this latest lie by the first lady is that it seeks to erode values and culture in a country that knows very well what a polygamous marriage is.

The youths must reject this low life and describe her actions as equal to that of street women.

There is nothing positive to learn from the loathsome affair that Grace had with Mugabe while the first lady, Sally Mugabe, was dying from kidney complication.

In his interview with Dali Tambo this is what Mugabe had to say about Grace and how he got her pregnant, "My mother has all the time said, ah, am I going to die without seeing my grandchildren? So I decided to make love to her. She happened to be one of the nearest, and she was a divorcee herself, and so it was.

Grace must not insult the nation and try and turn polygamous marriages to this adulterous lust they had with Mugabe.

In a polygamous marriage the first wife is very much involved in the selection of the second.

  You also pay lobola and there is a celebration, but Mugabe does not describe it that way.

In the same interview, probed on whether he had told Sally about the relationship, Mugabe said: "I did tell her and she just kept quiet and said fine but she did ask, 'Do you still love me?' I said yes. And she said, 'Oh, fine'."

Only a twisted person will describe this cruelty as a polygamous marriage, the nation must not sink to these levels which are so low even by the lowest standards of ZANU PF's women wing.

As MDC, the leader of society, we encourage citizens to remain true to principle and those social values that do not leave the nation worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Source - Dlayila Omuhle
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