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Today Words of Wisdom: First Lady

13 Oct 2014 at 14:45hrs | Views
Recently she launched the campaign to bring together community leaders, politicians, party members, teachers, doctors, nurses, moms and dads in a nationwide effort to thank and tackle the challenge of childhood abuse. It is clear that the first Lady regards human capital as an important issue, and political parties and other organisations need to be aware of the need to treat people development as a high-level strategic issue and systematically analyse, measure and evaluate how investment in people creates value for the best interest of the people. Learning and training must play a key part in the value-creation leadership process.

That politicians must recognise the importance of aligning learning processes with wisdom, organisational priorities therein demonstrate on the value contribution that learning makes to their leadership qualities and the implementation of the aims and objectives of their organisations. Without aligning learning processes, wisdom and delivery then such learning will be worthless. Learning and training must cause changes in leadership behaviour and enable such learned leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of learning in the context of community interventions and delivery for all Zimbabweans.  It is clear from the First lady's point of view that there is an urgent need for national leaders  to be able to demonstrate the value of learning to their organisation if as  decision-makers are to maintain their commitment to uniting the country, delivery and  the eradication of unemployment, poverty and  corruption.

The first lady believes that training and individual development by national leaders should deliver more value to the people and the country than they are able to demonstrate in factional fights.  She find factional fights to be too time-consuming and disturbing the implementation of government strategies to which national leaders rarely show interest. In knowledge-driven politics, appropriate and aligned training and learning interventions are vital to achieving true empowerment of the people and delivering service to the public. The starting-point for determining the value contribution of learning is to lead with wisdom for the good of the country. Leader must be able to use their resources to address national priorities and help achieve national strategic objectives.  

In our view this will help create jobs, protect the vulnerable and vital to achieving competitive advantage, delivering quality service to the people. This will also ensure that intellectual and knowledge assets form a large part of the intangible value of our country. In other words, to lead  effectively  investment in human capital  require quality and committed national leadership   with relevant information, ability  to assess the extent to which  learning is contributing to organisational and country  performance.  This to us highlights the importance of the first lady's words of wisdom and emphasises the importance of ensuring that learning processes must deliver value to the people and the country.

The first lady is the public figurehead of the ruling party, the country and condemning salarygate related scandals is indeed vital in fighting corruption. This public condemnation has a potential to challenge the belief, that all national leaders are the most brutish, corrupted and hopeless human beings that ever lived on the face of this world. The first lady is of the view that our political leaders have nurtured an attitude of poor and corrupt leadership while obliterating democracy as the emblem of justice that held many vital strata of meanings in our communities. The nobility of laudable president has been usurped by the unforgiving factional enemies. That courage and integrity has now become an abeyance among national political leaders. They who promised to become liberators and leaders of the deprived, unemployed, abused, the weak,  the poor and the nation are now pursuing factions and positions. Such leaders are detrimental to themselves, the nation and a disgrace to this world since they repudiate from deserting people's aspirations for false political power. In order to emancipate ourselves from the poor leadership and corrupt subterfuge, we must cooperate and unify as one force to edify a well-built legacy for our successors. This to us is wisdom beyond reasonable doubt.

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